Win7 SP1, confused!

  caccy 15:14 15 Apr 2012

I think I must be getting simple in my old age, so can someone please help me out? If I buy any of the Win 7 products do they include SP1 or is that an additional add-on. The confusion comes from looking at places selling Win7 who also seem to have Win7 SP1 available at an extra cost.

  difarn 15:41 15 Apr 2012

There seem to be Windows 7 products creeping in that now include SP1 - these mostly are aimed at System Builders. What you should be looking it is something like Windows 7 Home Premium Full Edition or, if you are doing an upgrade, the relevant upgrade version.

You do not need to have SP1 as this will be dealt with once the OS is installed through the Windows Updates.

  caccy 16:52 15 Apr 2012


Thanks for your reply. Will "tick" as resolved.

  birdface 17:23 15 Apr 2012

I just downloaded W/7 SP1 from the Internet to put on my Grandaughters Laptop and it is much quicker than downloading SP1 from the Microsoft Updates.

So I know which one I would prefer.

  difarn 17:54 15 Apr 2012

Glad to have been of some help.


Are you talking about the Windows 7 OS with SP1 or just the SPl download. Caccy was, I believe talking about buying a Windows 7 OS disk, hence my answer.

I have SP1 installed on my W7 PC and it took only minutes from the Microsoft updates so it obviously varies from PC to PC.

  KRONOS the First 18:06 15 Apr 2012

You certainly do not need to pay extra for SP1 as it is free and if anyone is try to charge for it then they are at it. You could purchase a copy of Windows 7 which will give you the all important C.O.A number then you could the go here Win7 + SP 1 download and burn to disk the Windows 7 and SP 1 of your choice and then use the disk with your purchased C.O.A. And this way save yourself a bit of time updating after installing Windows 7.

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