Win7 re-run/2nd licence(?) from Vista?

  tomme 17:24 06 Oct 2012

Bought Win7 disk from Amazon in 2010. Much much better than Vista. How many 'runs' or licences can I use on same PC? What would happen if I used the Win7 disk '2nd time'? I have an error that cannot clear up so would a re-run of Win7 disk solve the problem? Thanks for any input.

  daxian 17:31 06 Oct 2012

hi ... as far as i know ,you can run the setup as many times as you like on the same pc as long as you only use the "key" on one machine . but windows 7 has a repair option and i would try that first ,as it may well fix your problem ,without resorting to a clean install.

  Pine Man 12:59 07 Oct 2012

It certainly runs twice on different, unrelated, PCs.

  Forum Editor 15:26 10 Oct 2012

The Windows 7 licence only allows you to install the software on one computer. The fact that you may be able to install on another machine doesn't make any difference - you are contravening the licence conditions.

The software comes to you in both 32bit and 64bit versions. You can use whichever version you like, but you can still only install one version - you can't use each of them on different computers.

You can make multiple installations on the same computer.

  Number six 23:08 10 Oct 2012

As far as I know, an OEM version of window is tied to one machine, and the full retail version is transferable between different machines - i.e. when you upgrade or replace your computer, you can carry on using the same license as long as it is only installed on one machine at a time Either way,you should be fine re-installing on the same pc.

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