Win7 64bit - which eSata external drive ?

  PCA reader 16:41 29 Jun 2010

Hi, I have a Dell 1557 i7core, running W7 64 bit and wish to use the inbuilt eSata connection for speedy backups to an external desktop drive - at least 1TB.
I've searched manufacturers sites etc and cannot find a drive which is certified for 64bit. Most, e.g IOMEGA, merely say it 'might work'
So before I spend my hard earned cash on something which may have to go back thought I would ask here.
BTW - I've tried DELL and they suggested buy and try!!
Thanks in advance,

  a member 18:42 29 Jun 2010

have you tried emailing the dealers about specific models , tell them that obviousely it must work perfectly with 64bit or it will be returned ,they will help I am sure.
I have 3 PCs two of them with Multi Operating systems ,almost all 64bit ,and I have 3 seagate external drives 500gb,750gb,and 1tb ,one usb2 and the bigger 2 are e-sata /usb2 and all work perfectly together ,but I would email any dealer about any one you wish to purchase and ask about returning it in the case of it not being compatible in some way.

  PCA reader 09:15 30 Jun 2010

Haven't tried to contact any dealer yet but a good idea to ensure I can return at no cost if incompatible. I was trying to avoid that hassle by seeking recommendations which work for others so if anyone else has working examples I'd be pleased to know.
In meantime I'll take up your suggestion Merlin, thanks. BTW, what model is your Seagate 1TB eSata drive please.

  a member 16:15 30 Jun 2010

I have a Seagate 1TB Blackarmor WS 110 , got it from Dabs a short while ago ,it was a shade under £100, but its a superb drive ,quiet and fast ,and works with all my OSs XP, Vista ,and win7 in 32 and 64bit.

although as A hard drive is just a storage media ,as long as it can be formatted with the correct format for the OS it should be irrelavent if its a 32 or 64 bit one.
good luck

  PCA reader 16:20 30 Jun 2010

Excellent, thanks for the rec Merlinx.

  bruno 18:47 13 Jul 2010

I just bought a Western Digital from Novatech .It is only a 500 gb but it works fine on my 64 bit windows 7. They have a good selection.

  ruskle 20:52 16 Jul 2010

I hope you don't mind me posting my query in this similar thread.
I have recently bought a new Toshiba Laptop after my PB went US, the the high street store refunded most of my money and told me to scrap the PB after I provided an engineers report, I sold it to a repair shop minus the 500gb HD.
I bought a SATA caddy and use it for external backups with the 500 gb HD.
How do I(if it is possible) connect the caddy USB cable to my Toshiba Sata connection.
The USB socket on the Toshiba is dual socket and is also the SATA socket.
The Packard Bell was 13 months old and the motherboard failed.

Thanks in advance.

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