Win XP - Forgotten Password - F8 not get Safe mode

  AroundAgain 15:44 22 Feb 2018


Old Win XP PC with long forgotten password, been in garage. Now dragged out, hoping to use it for scanning in photos. However, forgotten password!!!

Have tried Booting up and tapping F8 in order to get into Safe Mode, then admin account and change password but F8 only brings up the Boot menu, ie select from Floppy, C: etc

Also, once in this Boot page, the keyboard is unresponsive. I've tried putting PS2 to USB connector to plug into PS2 port but keyboard not recognised at all

Can anyone help get into this PC, please?

Many thanks J

  beeuuem~2 16:00 22 Feb 2018

What make and model is the PC?

  beeuuem~2 16:03 22 Feb 2018

have you tried any of these methods? click here

  rdave13 16:13 22 Feb 2018

I had an old motherboard that showed the temporary boot order with F8 but it booted to safe mode when tapping the F5 key.

  AroundAgain 16:19 22 Feb 2018

MSI Extreme Series???

Win XP Pro

Motherboard - ^sRock K7VM2 (^ is to represent A without the cross bar)

I'm afraid that's all I can work out

As for Password Crackers, I haven''t tried any as yet. That will likely be my next step ;)


  AroundAgain 16:31 22 Feb 2018


Many thanks. I've tried F5 but it just continued to boot into Windows login screen. I'll try again, just in case - Not doing it - I've also tried holding Shift, Control and both together while pressing F5

I'll continue trying varioius combinations ;)

  rdave13 16:34 22 Feb 2018

Tap F8 to get to temp boot screen, select HDD, enter then keep tapping F8 should do it.

  beeuuem~2 16:35 22 Feb 2018

Have you tried typing 'adminstrator' as the user and leaving the password blank at the log in screen?

  AroundAgain 16:38 22 Feb 2018

The options for logging in are for two accounts. I'm not sure where I would find 'administrator' option


  beeuuem~2 16:54 22 Feb 2018

With no guarantees !! from click here

In Windows XP Welcome Screen, simply press Ctrl + Alt + Del keys sequence together twice, and you will be shown a “Log On to Windows” menu which you can specify User Name and Password. In the User Name text box, key in Administrator and leave the Password field blank. Then press Enter or click on OK. If there is not password protects the Administrator account, or blank password is set, then you will be able to access the Windows with full administrative privileges as Administrator.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:44 22 Feb 2018

Have you got a XP CD?

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