Win Vista

  ulrich 18:01 04 Jan 2008

Biggest Technology flop. I hope the FE doesn't read that.

  sinbads 18:13 04 Jan 2008

I take it you don't like vista, be interesting to know why you feel that way?

  ulrich 18:38 04 Jan 2008

I always wait a month before I dive into a new OS,I was not impressed with the first reports especially for games, the only thing I really wanted was Direct X 10. Parental control is of no importance to me. I wanted a PC which is pretty quick for games. I do not see the reason to upgrade just for the sake of it, if it would have been of any benefit I would have got it. Like the report says 5yrs developement work for no benefit to myself.

  sinbads 18:49 04 Jan 2008

Well i'm not a gamer but unless you buy the expensive gamer pc you would need to upgrade any computer to be able to run high end games whatever OS. ok think vista has some problems with older software and hardware but wouldn't go so far as to say its a technical flop.

  ulrich 19:20 04 Jan 2008

I have rather old AMD processor 4000. 2GB Memory and a Nvidia 8800GTS graphics card. At the moment my son is well pleased playing Crysis at Med settings. I built the PC myself and no problems. I was going to get Vista but I really din't see why I should upgrade the OS to slow down.

  sinbads 19:50 04 Jan 2008

I think most gamers are sticking with xp and understand that sp3 for xp has improved the speed
Your best to stick wth xp its more gamer freindlier.

Strange but my brother came over at xmas and brought his xp lappie really enjoyed using it and sorting it out.

Running vista premium/basic only because my old xp failed and had to buy a new one. Vista's ok ;but should have bought the basic cos can't stand all this fancy wow turned it all off.

dont get me wrong it has some good points ;but don't feel its value for money.

So stick with what you got , not long to wait for the next OS

  Forum Editor 19:59 04 Jan 2008


Vista has been available for almost a year.

I certainly agree with you that there's no point in upgrading just for the sake of it, and if you're happy the way you are, that's fine, but what's the point of posting a thread and saying "Biggest Technology flop. I hope the FE doesn't read that."? Of course I read it, but I also read the current poll results, and at the moment two of the so-called 'flops' (MS Office 2007 and Vista)are running in first and second place as products of the year.

It's all just opinions, and yours is as valid as anyone's - provided you don't just base it on what you've heard down the pub. It's always better to have an informed opinion if possible, and mine, based on using Vista since it first went into beta as 'Longhorn', is that it's very good indeed. I wouldn't revert to Windows XP for all the Red Bull in London.

  ulrich 21:07 04 Jan 2008

No I didn't buy in the first month or year as it is of no use to me and I do not see it like many other people as being worth the hassle. Dear FE I knew you would bite because you are a staunch supporter of Vista, that is why I posted it. How they are products of the year I do not know, my product of the year is my GTS8800 graphics card, I do not see it called a Technology flop.

  anskyber 21:20 04 Jan 2008

So did you buy it?

  [email protected] 21:26 04 Jan 2008

it's been out for a year and after spending the last 3 days trying to sort out and ended up reinstalling xp on my friends pc. i cant say it's got any better with games if anything worse all the latest dx 10 games have massive issues mohaa, crysis all of them simply are very poor bordering unplayable on a decent sized screen.
set point, nod, comodo,kis all have forums full of very [email protected]@ed off people, 1 thing in common vista.
mail bugs, unzip large file bugs, security centre bugs, updater flawed.
i tried for almost a year and found it like wading through treacle.
added security? defender, crippled firewall and uac, no thanks!

  sinbads 21:32 04 Jan 2008

Hey ulrich, thats fighting talk you'll get 50 lashes and made to walk the plank! :-)

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