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Win live mail problem "not responding"

  Hetti 18:04 02 Sep 2015

I use win live mail, win10. When I try to open contacts in win live mail I get "not responding" it just freezes and I have to close it. I can send and receive mail no problem, any ideas please?

  Hetti 08:23 03 Sep 2015

No Ideas? I have searched on PC hard drive for address I know to be in my contacts but results say "no results" Would it be feasible to uninstall/reinstall win essentials, would I lose all contacts? (maybe have already)

  Govan1x 08:58 03 Sep 2015

Look for Windows old you will probably find your contacts on there.

Open File Explorer on the Taskbar and go to C drive on the left. Expand it and scroll down to Windows Old and have a look in there.

The only other way that I can think of would be to go to Add Remove.Scroll down and click on Windows Essentials and press repair. it should ask you what you want to repair choose Mail.

Now the problem with that is it works on W8 and W7 but have never tried it on W10 so it would be a chance you take.

  Hetti 11:36 03 Sep 2015


Thanks so much managed to get to my contacts and saved them.

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