Win explorer does not display images as thumbnails

  davidmball9 08:44 03 Mar 2014

Just upgraded to a PC with Windows 7. When I run Windows explorer, I can no longer see my images and movies as thumbnails, when in icon view. They stay as icons. This happens whatever program I associate with the images/movies. I never had a problem in XP or Vista. I have looked through Windows help, but can't find any info on this. Can anyone advise how to get thumbnails displayed, so I can browse my images properly?

  john bunyan 09:10 03 Mar 2014

You have selected "medium icons" in the "view menu?

  davidmball9 09:27 03 Mar 2014

It is the same with any size of icon

  john bunyan 10:30 03 Mar 2014

Too obvious but: Click on the Start button, go to Control Panel. In Control Panel select System. From the System window select Advanced system settings. Select Performance settings. Be sure the box Show thumbnails instead of icons is checked.

  john bunyan 10:34 03 Mar 2014

If still not ok read this:

Microsoft Forum

  davidmball9 12:38 03 Mar 2014

Sorted! Thank you John. This was not obvious to me, although its a simple fix. Should really be in the help files

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