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Win 9

  sharpamat 19:57 21 Aug 2014

Early days yet but it seems Microsoft have indicated that they will be releasing a preview of Windows 9 on the 30th of September.

  lotvic 20:46 21 Aug 2014

Have you seen:

Thread in Speakers Corner click here link to pca Article Windows 9 release date, price, features: 30 September marked for unveiling click here


  lotvic 21:10 21 Aug 2014

Yeah, I liked this part in article: "So how much will Windows 9 cost? Not a lot."

"I wouldn't be surprised if it was free to consumers, although not to OEMs who purchase licences to put on PCs and laptops they sell. Even if customers have to pay to upgrade to Windows 9 they won't have to pay much. Just a few pounds."

  wee eddie 22:55 21 Aug 2014

Rdave13: We understand that you like W8, unfortunately you are one of the few.

There's little doubt that it is technically pretty good. However, for a Desktop user it is unfortunate. Unusable in its published form.

Most of us do not care to be faffing about. We want it to work, straight out of the box. It does not. End of story.

  wee eddie 01:25 22 Aug 2014

Rdave13: So, tell me, how I get a Desktop with the picture of my choice and no more than 10% of that picture obliterated with icons

  wee eddie 02:05 22 Aug 2014

How do you get rid of the play bricks

  sunnystaines 07:16 22 Aug 2014

w8.1 desktop side of things once you have got used to it added a few tweaks I think is beter and faster than w7 so thumbs up from me.

the metro side of things I do not use find it dreadful and slow.

  Forum Editor 09:02 22 Aug 2014

wee eddie

If you want your own picture on the desktop you can have it, and have any icons you like - normally sized, looking just like any previous version of Windows.

  Forum Editor 09:04 22 Aug 2014

For what it's worth, I like Windows 8.1 very much. I use it on all my computers, and it works like a dream - fast and reliable. OK, the default interface is irritating if you don't use a touch screen, but you can easily get around that. I don't like touch screens, so I use a mouse, and have no problems.

  wee eddie 13:11 22 Aug 2014

FE: I'm aware that I can download a 3rd Party Program that will give me something approximating the Style of Desktop that I have been using since I first looked at Windows '95 and decided that it was for me.

However, having tried the Metro Interface, on a Touch Screen while sitting at a desk, I don't like it. My arm and shoulder began to hurt in a very short time. Had Microsoft (you'll have noticed that I've stopped using the $ sign) given me the option of one or the other, I'd have been using a brand new W8 PC now, rather than my old XP Job with an upgrade to W7.

As it is, if W9 does not provide a solution, in house rather than 3rd Party Software, I shall grit my teeth, lighten my wallet and buy an iMac

  Gordon Freeman 20:05 22 Aug 2014

(yawn) so Jock1e continues the fight against win 8? But why do you feel compelled to post on every related thread spouting your dislike of win 8/8.1?

Give it a rest. We know what you think.

Wee eddie, as you have a computer, why don't you just google 'set desktop picture in win 8/8.1', or something? It's quite easy to achieve and surely not beyond your capabilities?

As mentioned before, if you want win 7 functionality, use the classic shell, boot it into desktop, and get rid of the charms, and metro tiles?

There's enough info on the web if you choose to look. In time you will come to realise how good win 8.1 is, I'm sure. Just give it a chance and be open to changing your mindset.

What are you going to do if, when released, win 9 doesn't meet your expectations? Run to the forum a spend your days decrying that, ad infinitum? Perish the thought.

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