Win 8.1 a bit confused

  Gordon Freeman 18:17 14 May 2014

OK I have a laptop with win 8.1; done all the recent updates, including the one in April with the improvements, etc, so maybe on win 8.1.1.

My confusion is around the need to log-in to the laptop, which seems a bit erratic.

If I power down & switch off the machine (say at the end of the day), then start it up from cold (say the next day), I'm not asked to input my password, and the machine fires up straight to desktop.

But, if I just close the lid of the laptop, then come back some time later, open the lid, the machine fires up, and asks me to enter my log-in details.

Anyone know how I can cure this? I'd prefer not to log-in at all, and thought at one stage I'd mastered this, but apparently not, or so it seems.

Thanks in advance.

  [DELETED] 20:56 15 May 2014

Ok. You've set up the PC to automatically log in on boot up, see here.

On 'sleep' however (closing the lid), the PC doesn't power off so you need to change the settings as here .

Personally I think its a bad idea for such a set-up. Not only for security reasons but Windows is set up in a way that security is first and foremost the OSs settings. You could get a hiccup and not being allowed in to your profile.

I always create a second admin user on a PC/Laptop just in case of a profile failure and always use a password.

Just my humble opinion, though.

  Gordon Freeman 20:44 16 May 2014

thnx rdave...sorted

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