Win 8.1 Files lost on backup

  stuartjgraham01 15:12 04 Dec 2015

Backed up using File History and Hard Disk Image File (.vhdx) successfully created and seems to have. However, returning to PC, all files had disappeared from folders except a single thumbs file in each. Tried to mount the image file but although Disk Management says file is ok, it wont mount. Message that I get says that it isn't initialised, contains partitions hat aren't recognisable, or contains volumes that haven't been assigned drive letters. I cant access the image file and cannot seem to get my old folder contents restored

  robin_x 20:47 05 Dec 2015

What Windows? are you running a Virtual system?

Home or Work system?

What folders only contain thumbnails?

How did you make the backups?

Do you have any other backups?


Good practice is multiple backups, multiple methods, multiple places. Test and verify backups when not sure if your methods are robust.

I'm not sure at this stage if all is lost, or if the data is there.

  stuartjgraham01 10:08 06 Dec 2015

Thanks for your reply, Robin. Running Win 8.1 on a Lenovo Laptop at home. Not permanently networked. Every folder & Subfolder only has a thumbs file which cannot be explored. Backup was made using the File History facility and it backed up to a WindowsImageBackup folder with a vhdx file of 67GB. The laptop is, fortunately, used as a secondary computer so I have been able to sync it with the Desktop and restore most files that way. I have, however, lost some photo files from the summer which I would like to access. The size of the Documents folder on the laptop (partially restored) is 53GB so I am pretty certain that my lost files are in the Backup folder that I cant access. This is the first time that I have backed up using an image file and will probably be the last, given the problems I am having. Desktop runs Win7 and is simple to backup by copying files and folders across to the external drive. What really puzzles me is why the files seem to have ben deleted? I have searched for them on the laptop to see if they are anywhere else but not found them yet.

  robin_x 15:10 06 Dec 2015

Try enabling viewing of System and Hidden Files.

Do you mean every folder within WindowsImageBackup folder?

You have to enable permissions to get into that normally


Windows Backup and Imaging has many faults.

Use Macrium Reflect Free or Easeus Todo Backup Free to make Images in future, is my recommendation.

I always make Images, in preference to manual copying.

Both those Programs create a single Image file which can be mounted by double clicking.

  stuartjgraham01 17:11 07 Dec 2015

Thanks Robin but that doesn't work either. The folders that I looked in are in a File History folder

Tried using Easeus to find hidden file. Good tip for the future thanks.

Regards Stuart

  robin_x 18:01 07 Dec 2015

Everywhere Search is a good fast util for files that haven't been deleted.

Recuva may recover some files that have.

I'm afraid I can't suggest anything more

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