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Win 8.1 driver check Win upgrade advisor

  highside 08:26 06 Jan 2014

My Acer Z600 came with Win8, I took it to 8.1 some time ago no real problems but now I need to check drivers are all correct for 8.1. I tried to run Win 8.1 Upgrade Advisor retrospectively but it keeps telling me to run as administrator despite the fact that I am running it as administrator.Does that mean that it cannot run retrospectively?

If so What is the best way to check drivers (either free or paid) is there a trustworthy program which doesnt throw hundreds of misleading results at you.

Thanks for looking.

  chub_tor 10:30 06 Jan 2014

If you feel that you need to update drivers the I find that Slimdrivers is as good as any. You can ignore any suggestions that you feel are unnecessary.

  BRYNIT 10:56 06 Jan 2014

The first place I would look is the Acer web site CLICK HERE

  highside 12:25 07 Jan 2014

chub_tor, thanks for that link used it and happy with that site, it found several Realtec drivers out of date and showed the versions I had and the latest with dates.

BRYNIT gave up with Acer they show the latest USB3 driver for my Acer but I cant open it because the old one has to be uninstalled first by Add/Remove programs but it does not appear in add/remove programs and they haven't so far replied to my email.

conradwebster You are no doubt right but my experience is that everything doesn't get done automatically. I am desperately trying whatever I can due to a USB3 hub not recognising USB3 devices (as discussed in techforum0 Came here in case it might be a Win8.1 problem. Just trying to get it all to work as fast as possible with my D800 Nikon, so no its not a gaming machine but it does have USB3 which works fine for individual USB devices but the hub only sees them on odd power up occasions. Taking it for a test today in the retail outlet workshop.

Thanks all.

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