Win 8 Not Compatible with Free Anti Virus

  ajw270867 15:21 15 Jul 2013

I am abroad currently and a family member has been told her laptop is on its last legs (agreed - I've thought so too). Her little independent trader has told her to get a new laptop.

She went to a UK nationwide chain of PC sellers. Amongst other things she has been told to pay £9 a month for anti-virus as the free anti-virus packages are "not compatible with Win 8." ??

Not recommended is one thing - often to help boost sales. Not compatible to me means "it will not work" so don't waste time trying. Does this chain's sales person have a point or are they just trying to use lack of knowledge to get another item purchased?

  woody 18:15 15 Jul 2013

Unless you are an expert - you might like to tell us the specs of old machine to see if anyone thinks it is worth saving.

Win 8 works ok with num of free anti vir - I have not checked them all be can accept they all do work.

  ajw270867 23:39 15 Jul 2013

Thanks for your mails folks, but things have gone on apace whilst I am in the USA.

Mostly down to said family member having been told that the laptop has "had it" by the guy who had got it working again previously, she has not hung around. She has committed to a new laptop already.

However when she went in and queried the anti-virus aspect, she immediately was told that the advice previously given was wrong about the "free anti virus being incompatible with Win 8". She has signed up for something at £9 a year that can be discontinued at any time. She was in the PC World store at home.

Thus also trying to locate the paperwork to come up with a spec for you guys won't be possible from the USA. Thank you anyway for your replies.

  Zeppelyn 19:45 18 Jul 2013

Plus Windows 8 comes with its own free anti virus called Windows Defender which should be fine for normal use.

  ajw270867 22:50 18 Jul 2013

Zeppelyn - thank you for that. I will just find out over time what has been bought, what is needed and see what overlaps and if there is a gap.

  AroundAgain 23:10 19 Jul 2013


Sorry, Zeppelyn, but I understand that Win Defender is anti-spyware only, and not anti virus. I have been checking this out today, in fact, as I have been setting up a Win 8 machine today, knowing nothing re Win 8, so just Googling many questions.

As far as I can see from what I read, it's necessary to have an anti-virus program running alongside.

  BRYNIT 20:44 20 Jul 2013

In Windows 8, Windows Defender is an antivirus program and replaces Microsoft Security Essentials from win 7.

Win 8 security features CLICK HERE

  AroundAgain 20:58 20 Jul 2013

Oops! My sincere apologies for speaking out of turn.

I had been looking up what Win Defender did, but didn't specify Win8, hence getting 'old' information which I wasn't aware of. So I take back what I posted.

Thanks for pointing it out, Byrnit. I appreciate that.

My apologies to Zeppelyn - it was an innocent error on my part.


  Batch 08:45 31 Jul 2013


click here seems to be that Defender in Win8 is really MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) renamed (and upgraded). As such it is AV, but seeingly not the best.

By way of contrast, in Win7 Defender is more of towards being an antispyware program and certainly isn't the equivalent of MSE which can still be used on Win7.


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