win 8 - no cd/dvd driver

  woody 19:32 14 Oct 2011

Tried to dual boot win 8 but get "no driver" for dvd - any one over come this problem?

  birdface 20:46 14 Oct 2011

Did not think W/8 was out yet.Is it a Beta.

  lotvic 21:19 14 Oct 2011

You can try it out (link on right of this page) but it is a Windows 8 Developer Preview and comes with the warning:

"The software is provided as is, and you bear the risk of using it," Microsoft cautions. "It may not be stable, operate correctly or work the way the final version of the software will. It should not be used in a production environment."

PCA say: We've had no problems running this early build, but we don't recommend trying it out on your primary PC, laptop, tablet, or even smartphone. Neither can we accept responsibility if anything goes wrong, and advise that you first back up all your data.

  Woolwell 21:24 14 Oct 2011

This is exactly the sort of problem you may get with a pre-beta version. The driver is almost certainly not available.

  woody 23:55 14 Oct 2011

Woolwell - It works as a "New Load" drivers ok - but there is some problem with dual boot - and yes the "problems" are part of the fun.

  Forum Editor 23:57 14 Oct 2011

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  sharpamat 09:19 15 Oct 2011

I found no problems with CD/DVD reading.( But it is an developers version ) not a beta. I installed on a spare drive and did an upgrade rather than full install. Plus I wanted to see what programs that I already use would work.

  dms_05 11:21 15 Oct 2011

I installed Windows 8 Developers Edition as a dual boot with Windows 7 on my Acer laptop. It runs exactly as it says it will. I chose to use the part of my hard drive partition that didn't include W7 (just in case I had a problem) however it all installed very easily and I now have the option to chose W7 or W8 at booting.

W8 seems to be W7 with a different Start Menu. This is the first screen viewed however it drops you back into a standard Desktop if you chose any of the Apps on the Start Screen. As I'm happy with W7 I can't see any real use for W8 (in my case) but I can see the attraction for small screen devices like phones and tablets.

W8 does seem very very late when you look at how sophisticated Android is on phone/tablets and I assume the same comment applies to Apple phone/tablets.

  woody 11:40 16 Oct 2011

I loaded the "ISO" into a virtual machine and it worked - no driver problems reported at loading time. Then the driver problems were overcome by changing :- the DVD recorder - the ISO recording program - the DVD stock - and the recording speed. When "WIN8" has loaded as dual boot it opens with a new style boot manager giving a choice of win8 or your other OS's.

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