win 8 microsoft monopoly hits home

  surveyor01 18:43 14 Feb 2013

My question is also a statement we let Microsoft have a monopoly so we deserve win 8 and all it's problem. I would not have bought a new computer if I knew win 8 would operate the way it does. It does things I don't want it to do and I have no idea or what I did to enlarge the screen to make it unreadable and start all over at times to bring it back. I didn't ask how to fix or use it as I use mine for work and all those who play have the time I don't. In a competitive environment more testing and user friendly software would be used before a release. We can fix this by writing your congressman and tell him time to break up this monopoly and the size of this beast it will help us in the future.

  xox101 22:43 14 Feb 2013

I would have thought a far easier way to "fix" it would be to learn how to fix it. After all it is your computer.

Downloading and installing Classic Shell then going into Preferences/Settings and bypassing the weather screen so it goes straight to the Desktop would solve 99% of your problems. That should take all of ten minutes of your valuable time.

Or you could install one of the many different Linux distributions. And leave MS forever.

Or you could buy an Apple Mac.

Or you could build your own Hackintosh and have a cheaper Apple Mac.

Or you could buy one of the many Tablets with detachable keyboards which run Android.

Or you could buy a Chromebook.

Or you could just grow up and stop trolling.

  sunnystaines 08:57 15 Feb 2013

w8 is many times faster than w7.

i am still learning but if you disable the lock screen, set it to auto enter the password. then go though the apps i found most were a waste and used up resources so deleted quiet a few.

even the internet seems so much faster. samsung has its own program menu in its quick starter software, saves useing classic shell or startmenu8

only draw back is setting it all up and learning your way around.

  chub_tor 13:41 15 Feb 2013

I like Windows 8, glad I switched and I will not be writing to my congressman (if I had one) or even my MP (which I do).

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