win 8 Beta

  sharpamat 19:30 31 May 2012
  morddwyd 20:12 31 May 2012

Thank you.

We'll give it another try!

  woody 10:26 01 Jun 2012

Win 8 downloads and install very simply from within win 8 c.r. and other O.S. No need to put download onto dvd.

Note you need to keep any data before you load new win8.

  woody 11:23 01 Jun 2012

I am trying to force myself to use this O.S. With other WIN's I have looked at them as an update and for the most part that has worked - ie a lot of the new program was the same as the old.

I think this win8 needs to be looked at as a new type of program - like you would think of any non win O.S.

  Matt Egan 13:00 01 Jun 2012
  morddwyd 07:43 02 Jun 2012

Well, now.

I am advised by the installation programme that my two week old Acer Aspire, with its Core 13 13-330M processor is not up to the task of running Windows 8!

One wonders what processor power the new o/s really needs, particularly since the preview version ran perfectly well on another Acer Aspire, which is two years older.

  woody 12:15 02 Jun 2012

Has anyone used Win 8 on a desk top PC for any length of time with a touch screen?

  sharpamat 13:51 02 Jun 2012

I only tryed it because of the rumor that it was possable to disable Metro, which is incorrect.

Microsoft may be determined that Metro is the only way foward, however end users will prove then correct or incorrect in the sales figures.

Hence Win 8 has been removed from my system

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