Win 7 x64 Boot Time

  Dumfy 20:38 23 Feb 2010

Hi All

Have just built a PC with Win 7 x64.

System runs well and takes around 2 minutes to boot from cold to desktop.

Is this slow or normal? Seems slow to me but maybe that's just the way Win 7 is?

Am running AMD Phenom, 8GB RAM, Gigabyte GA-MA790FXT-UD5P motherboard.

Am interested to see what the average boot time is.



  User-1229748 21:50 23 Feb 2010

just had a bash and took 40 seconds to reach the desktop.

  Eargasm 21:51 23 Feb 2010

It seems slow to me, i have a custom build Dual boot XP and Win7 x64 ( 2 seperate hard drives) after choosing which operating system from the boot menu aronud 20 to 30 seconds to desktop.

  Dumfy 23:24 23 Feb 2010

Cheers. Thanks for the info.

So the question now do I speed it up?

The longest part of the boot process is when the black Starting WIndows screen appears. I guess there are things going on in the back ground, but for the best part of 2 minutes that all I get. Then the coloured "balls" appear from the distance and it's a short time then until the desktop loads.

I need to know what's happening before the coloured balls show - that's what's taking the time.

I've done a lot of Googling and the most obvious answer was to ensure that the C:\ drive was on Sata2_0 on the Motherboard. Initailly it wasn't and when I swapped it to the correct channel, I never really noticed a great difference in boot time. It was quicker, but not significantly so.

Is there some BIOS setting I may have wrong?


  Technocrate 10:39 25 Feb 2010

Operating System Average time to reach desktop
Windows 7 Ultimate(Beta, Build 7000, 32-bit) --28 seconds
Windows 7 Ultimate(Preview, Build 6801, PDC edition, 32-bit)- - 32 seconds
Windows Vista Ultimate (32-bit, SP1) - - 33 seconds
Windows XP Professional (SP3) -- 40 seconds

  a member 12:16 25 Feb 2010

check your bios settings too ,sometimes a hardware is enabled in bios but does not exist. and windows will run checks for that hardware before proceeding . if your bios is in order then unless you have a problem with the OS s startup configuration there should be no such delays ,so check your start up items too . I have multi boot systems 8 versions of windows 7 in 32bit and in 64bit ,all are pretty consistant varying from 12 seconds (to fully loaded desktop ) to around 35 seconds for one of the more bloated older installs .
in bios ,make sure you have the manual with you for reference .pay particular attention to the integrated peripherals section ,bios should be setup carefully and tuned to work with your installed hardware . some people simply load the failsafe option and that can be just as problematic. as an example ,if you do not use raid ,make sure that raid is disabled ,raid checks can typically take up 20 seconds or more looking for the array . also do you have a graphic card added ,and if so are the onboard graphics (if included)still enabled or not . just a few examples of potential problems .but after all that ,my money would be on your startup programs .

  Dumfy 12:25 25 Feb 2010

.............but it sure is a strange one!

As I was building a new PC, I took the opportunity to buy new everything - including a new wireless keyboard and mouse from Logitech - their MX3200 to be precise.

This set comes with a USB receiver stick and when that was plugged in the system would take it's time load. Unplug it and boot and it was much quicker - down to about 50 secs. Plug it back in, slow again.

Now here's the bit that does my head in.....move the USB wireless stick to another USB port - no problem. Boot time around 50secs.

Haven't got a clue while one USB port on the motherboard causes a hang up and the one directly below it works fine. Any ideas?

I'm glad it's working, but it's got me bugged!

Thanks for the info along the way.

Maybe the x64 Version takes longer than a 32 bit as mentioned above by Technocrate? Not sure.

Just glad it's working and I don't have to go and make a cup of tea while booting up!



  Dumfy 17:38 25 Feb 2010

Merlinx's post appeared after I'd posted mine so following on from merlinx's info above, I did load Optimized Defaults into the BIOS at build time. Went through the BIOS and Start Up Programs and made some changes and now, from POST screen, boot up is close to 40secs.

Still don't understand the USB issue though..


  eddierob22 03:30 15 Mar 2010

I was having the exact same problem you described and i have the exact same motherboard and processor. I also have a logitec wireless keyboard and mouse combo (LX 700). I had installed a new hard drive for storage and had plugged in my usb cables in different port open reassembling the tower. my boot time was at about 2 minutes. After moving the usb reciever to a different port my boot time went back down to 40 seconds. Who would have guessed a usb ports change would cause that. Anyway thanks

  Dumfy 05:44 21 Mar 2010

Glad my solution helped eddierob22.

The problem is so unusual I never thought anybody else would come across it. I haven't done so yet, but I keep meaning to mail Logitech and see if this is familiar to them - though they may well say it's a problem with the Mobo.

Post back if you find a reason for slow boot on a specific USB port


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