Win 7 to Win 10 Product Key Problem

  chessman3 14:24 20 Sep 2015

My PC is windows 7 and according to the System information viewed from the Control Panel product key is different to the Windows Product Key label on the outside of the PC case. Should I try to change the product key as per the option and try typing the code on my PC case? Or do I let the upgrade try and go ahead and probably fail to be activated and then try and sort it out with Microsoft? Any help appreciated.

  lotvic 15:56 20 Sep 2015

What make is your pc? if it is one of the big manufacturers and came with W7 pre-installed and pre-activated then the key on the sticker will be different to the one that was used at the factory install.

This is quite normal. Don't change it.

  onthelimit1 15:57 20 Sep 2015

If you do an inplace upgrade from W7 to W10, it will activate automatically. The keys can seem different if the operating system was installed at factory (OEM) level. I've had no problem with upgrade activation on several W7 PCs.

  onthelimit1 15:58 20 Sep 2015

Overlapped with lotvic, but same advice.

  lotvic 16:11 20 Sep 2015

Also I think you are confusing the Product ID with the Product Key. The Product ID you see in System Information is not the Product Key. click here for more info.

The product key is encrypted in the registry and you need to use a 3rd party keyfinder program to view it.

  chessman2 06:50 21 Sep 2015

Many thanks for all the helpful information. I'll be patient and await the scheduled upgrade and "enjoy" the delights of windows 10.

  robin_x 07:40 21 Sep 2015

The Upgrade Now button, when it appears, is proving very seductive as the simple way to upgrade.

For some percentage of users, though, it does go wrong and computers are being left needing boot info fixing and drivers replacing.

Some users are also having a looksee at W10 and then, deciding to revert to W7 or 8.1, find they can't.

Since you are obviously organised and asking pertinent questions in advance, I would suggest some extra preparation (It's good practice anyway).


Use Double Driver to backup your drivers and keep them somewhere other than C:, if possible

Use Macrium Reflect Free Tutorial to make a complete System Image of all partitions on your hard drive to an external hard drive.

Recovering from serious problems then becomes (almost) trivial.

It's also a good guard against future malware attacks or hard drive failure and is best repeated regularly.


If you get fed up waiting for your Get Windows 10 to appear, you can use the Media Creation Tool to make a DVD or USB Flash Installation Media for the most reliable upgrade method.

  Bailifei 06:19 24 Sep 2015

In addition, to create a system bootable disc/USB is necessary just in case the system crashes.

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