Win 7 Samsung Laptop Really Messed Up

  jimforrest 20:05 27 Sep 2013

Win 7 Samsung laptop with 6gb Ram. Just over a year old (typcal!). Started the comp yesterday and it reached the Desktop and then stopped. The hard drive light was constantly on (not flickering) and clicking anywhere on the desktop froze the comp - even the clock stopped. No apps would load at all and the curser was the 'timer'. Several restarts had the same result - the HD light stays on solid. Went into Safe Mode and could use the comp normally (hard drive light flickering as usual). Ran AVG for a compete scan, and Adaware, and Malwarebytes. Nothing shown up. Used Ccleaner to clean up the Registry and switch off all progs that run at startup. Made no difference! Tried restore but two attempts failed (different restore points). Windows couldn't complete them due to 'an error'. Used the Samsung Recovery System - startup repair did nothing so I tried Windows Recovery. That really messed up!! Now if I enter Safe Mode there is no text on the screen (frames and graphics are there) and if I click the mouse I get the famouse blue screen followed by a shutdown. Normal Windows startup does the same. So now the comp is useless. Any ideas on how to recover it? (I don't have the Win 7 DVD or CD or any repair/recovery cd's). I do own an XP cd but I'm reluctant to load it.

  lotvic 20:26 27 Sep 2013

You can download a W7.iso and burn to dvd, Scroll down to the English US links for the official microsoft download from ditigalriver click here get the SP1 U media refresh version as that already has sp1 on it. You can then use that dvd to repair or install etc W7.

  lotvic 20:30 27 Sep 2013

ps: you need to use a burn program that does .iso's you can't just copy the file to dvd. ImgBurn is a good free program click here

  jimforrest 22:20 27 Sep 2013

Thankyou Lotvic - some questions - I take it that the ISO will overwrite my existing HDD (which I would rather not do as it has hundreds of work drawings/specs on it). I could take the drive out and connect it to my other comp, then copy it all off, but what type of connection will it have (the HDD that is)? Alternatively, could I purchase a new HDD - and either load the ISO straight onto that, or copy the existing HDD content onto it frst and then load the ISO over it? I do have the product No for my existing Win 7.

  jimforrest 22:26 27 Sep 2013

Errr - do I need the x86 or x64 ISO?

  jaywoo 22:44 27 Sep 2013

Check your hard drive for problems; click here

  jimforrest 22:58 27 Sep 2013

Unfortunatey Jaywoo the Samsung Recovery System has made such a mess of the HDD that it won't boot at all now - even into safe mode. So I can't download, or load, or run the programme on that comp. (I'm using an old laptop to type this).

  jaywoo 23:36 27 Sep 2013

Does the old laptop have a cd burner? If you find out what make the hard-drive in your Samsung is, get the diagnostic software from the manufacturer, burn it to a CD or DVD and boot the problem machine with that.

  jimforrest 23:46 27 Sep 2013

OK jaywoo - I'll pull the HDD out and find the details. I can burn to a CD but will an HDD diagnostic prog boot the comp? Win 7 on it now seems unusable so what will it boot into - MSdos?

  lotvic 00:18 28 Sep 2013

An .iso is just a file that you save to your Downloads folder (or anywhere else you choose). It is a slightly compressed image of a DVD that needs to be burnt to a DVD and the pc booted with it before it can do anything.

The W7.iso when burnt to a DVD is the official W7 installation dvd (same as you would get in a shop)

X86 = 32bit W7 and X64 = 64bit W7. Seeing as your Samsung is only a year old and has 6GB ram I think you will have the 64bit W7. (because 32bit can only use a max of 4GB ram)

"hundreds of work drawings/specs on it). I could take the drive out and connect it to my other comp, then copy it all off, but what type of connection will it have (the HDD that is)?"

Yes I would definitely do that copying. You will see if HDD has a sata or an ide connector when you take it out. At a guess it will be SATA. You can connect it to another pc in several ways depending on the pc and what cables you have available. Have a look first at the the HDD and see which sort it is and we can take it from there.

Different ways to Connect IDE/SATA drive to a recovery PC click here

  jimforrest 16:16 28 Sep 2013

Why is life never simple? Got Img Burn, got the ISO file, and I have 2 DVD-CD writers (one internal and one external). The internal drive constantly fails to write after 3% due to i/o errors. The other one tels me that the CD is too small and asks to overburn or truncate. Either way it fails after 6% due to i/o errors. I'm using a CD-RW (700mb) but should it be a DVD?

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