Win 7 RC - how is it for you- opinions?

  morris948 10:37 20 May 2009

My desktop PC which is around 6 years old, has Intel CPU 2.8 Gb with 2Gb memory, an ATI X1650 graphics card 512Mb running on a MSI 6585 mobo.
Win 7 is on a 160Gb drive and win XP is on 500Gb drive.

I use 2 hard drives bays, one is in a caddy the other is fixed in place and i use an external switch to toggle between master and slave setting on the fixed drive, this is so i can select the main win XP hard drive as slave when i plug in the Win 7 caddy as master, this allows me to use the same PC to Run both OS's indipendantly.

The installation process worked well, i used the esay transfer program to copy all my settings and files via a memory stick, although this process worked, it did not copy over the most important settings, like the broadband account& router settings and the outlook pop3 account, i had to install all this manually.

I then loaded it up with Office XP pro, and winzip, adobe 8 plus lots more programs.

After customising the settings to how i like it, i ran the windows experience rating, this gave a result of 3.8 (spec is 1 to 7.9)so about average for an old PC.

Here are some of the issues i encountered:
ATI drivers needed updating.
Canon MPC 200 printer not recognised (i found out that canon have no drivers for vista or win 7)

Blue screen crashes with IRQL not = to zero, system reboots automatically before i can read all the text.

Sometimes loses the netgear wireless adapter when booting up, (have to unplug & plug the device to get it running)

When running many applications the system crashes with BSOD.

On the positive side:
I like the UI, and some nice touches like when renaming a file it highlights the file name and not the extension.

Nice help screens with links and details, the default font is very easy on the eye.

There is lots more i could say, but what have been your experiences so far.

  ol blueeyes 14:43 20 May 2009

Well I've only had it a week and so far I like it. Oh! theres been a couple of problems but of my making once I found where i was going wrong things went very well.If it continues like this when it goes on Sale I shall buy as long as the price in not ridiculous.
it's much better than Vista.

  Devil Fish 17:04 20 May 2009

install was painless around 20 minutes

had to use vista drivers for sound printer and wireless adaptor

the rest supported by the o/s

all running smoothly with no problems to report

  tigertop2 17:31 24 May 2009

Only problem I had was updating my TV card drivers but it has coped with everything else very well, including setting up my wireless connection. Same old problem with Windows defender clashing with my antivirus software but only to be expected as MS want to push thier own security.

I expect to try out the 64bit version soon and see how it copes with MS flight sim. Overall a huge advance on Vista's clunky system

  Forum Editor 19:20 24 May 2009

the system crashes with BSOD"

Really - which applications?

  morris948 20:26 25 May 2009

i was running windows media player(avi movie), word, excel and outlook were open, after 10 mins, the system crashed.
I know my PC is old, but when running XP, it never has a problem.

  Forum Editor 23:31 25 May 2009

None of those applications should be causing BSOD crashes - either alone of in combination. I suspect a problem with the graphics card driver - have you installed the latest version?

  Rob_08 06:09 26 May 2009

Its ok but i dont like the layout or looks, too much like vista imo.

  laurie53 07:04 26 May 2009

Plenty of facilities and options for change.

I run in Classic mode and from memory it's not much different from 98SE!

It's a much better O/S than either Vista or 98 though.

  ambra4 12:22 26 May 2009

Window 7 is just a Vista upgraded to a more stable and user friendly OS for Vista and XP uses to

upgrade to

There should be no problems with driver’s just use the Vista drivers

You can also installing old software in Win 7 as there is a “Compatibility Mode” build in to Win

7 for running software from 95 to Vista

To access the “Compatibility Mode”

Right Click on the program “exe file” - ‘Properties”

Click “Compatibility Tab” and select the mode that the software was made for

  morris948 13:32 26 May 2009

I also ran driver robot to check for updates, and my graphics card showed up to date.
One thing i did was to install a gadget to Win XP which is a CPU and RAM meter, similar to WIN 7's and i compared the usages, the WIN 7 when idle, runs my RAM at 35% and the CPU is always using around 25% average, when i switch back to XP hard drive, my RAM usage at idle is 22% and CPU is around 2%.
Whatever running processes are going on in the background, it appears that WIN XP is still much more efficent than WIN 7, and my PC runs much cooler in XP as well.

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