Win 7 Pro reinstall question and the coming SP2

  TopCat® 17:59 13 Jan 2012

Since I've had my computer there's been the one occasion where I needed to do a complete reinstall, using my retail 64 bit version on the disk. Unfortunately the reinstall did not complete because, as I subsequently discovered, I had SP1 installed. I uninstalled SP1 and my software install completed from the disk. Not wanting to go through this problem again, I didn't install SP1.

Now I've read that SP2 is coming soon, so I wondered if there will be a way to combine both Service Packs with my retail disk, ready in case of later problems. Sorry, but I'm not familiar with these ISO whatsits or slipstreaming OSes, so please be gentle!! :o))

Thank you for your guidance on this. TC.

  ams4127 21:24 13 Jan 2012

This should be of some help TC.

Slipstream SP1 to Win 7 Tutorial

  difarn 21:25 13 Jan 2012

I would be inclined to install SP1 - SP2 isn't due out until probably June. There are some security fixes which it would be advisable to have on your PC - it may also make the installation of SP2 much easier. It may well be that you will be required to download SP1 before SP2 anyway.

Should there be any problem you can always restore your PC back to a date before the download - you may want to set a restore point manually.

  TopCat® 21:39 13 Jan 2012

Your observations had crossed my mind, difarn, so I think I will do as you suggest. Thanks for the help.


I'm not sure if I could accomplish this as I mentioned above. Also tips 1 and 2 from your linked webpage don't inspire me at all! Sorry for my reluctance and ineptitude. Thanks anyway. TC.

  difarn 22:26 13 Jan 2012

Glad to help

  ams4127 22:58 13 Jan 2012

Me too.

Trust me TC, if I could do it, anyone can!

  KRONOS the First 06:44 14 Jan 2012

Having SP1 installed on your PC will have no bearing on performing a reinstallation of Windows 7, providing you selected custom (clean)install and not upgrade (repair). I have reinstalled Windows 7 several times and never had a problem. I now have a slipstreamed Windows 7 disk which includes SP1.

But if you find that slipstream is a little daunting then go the clean reinstall option and make sure you format your HDD before installation and you will not have any problems. Check out the video a little way down the page here. So I cannot post the direct link,cannot see the URL on my iPad.YouTube

  BRYNIT 08:52 14 Jan 2012

When I do a clean install of window, programs and updates I check its working and then backup the drive to an external drive using one of the free programs available. If for any reason I have to do a clean install I used the backup and only have to install a few updates.

  TopCat® 15:04 14 Jan 2012

Not wanting to lose my programs and settings etc., I did in fact do a 'repair' install from my CD. I'm at a loss as to why, but my backup on my external drive simply failed to install, hence my attempt at the repair.

Anyway guys, I'm extremely grateful for your help; you excelled yourselves again as usual on the forums. For the record, I have now have SP1 successfully installed together with all current Windows upates. I also recently bought a USB3 Seagate drive for my backups - very fast data transfer! TC.

  tonnymac15 12:02 17 Jan 2012

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  difarn 12:27 17 Jan 2012

Thanks for coming back to say it has been successful - nice to know.

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