Win 7 pc very slow to boot

  steviehateswasps 10:58 19 Aug 2018

Hi all, I have a problem with win7. A loose plug caused a pc power out a couple of days ago and it would not boot properly. Windows repair mode was unable to sort it. The restore to earlier time when ok was recommended, and that did not make any difference. I have done a clean boot to no avail. Done virus scan and sfc found nothing wrong with windows. It does seem ok in safe mode, but with the low res graphics, it's bad to tell as most of my programs dont work well or at all in safe mode. When it is running in normal mode it is not too bad, it's just that the graphics are very choppy, and getting a page on tinternet can take 30 seconds. Logically it seems to lye in what is different between safe mode and clean boot, but input from someone in the know would be much appreciated as it is now doing my head in and has already wasted most of the weekend. Cheers.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:08 19 Aug 2018

have you tried reinstalling the graphics drivers?

  Galactivale 14:21 19 Aug 2018

Ok stevehateswasps, I'll basically teach you how to make your boot run faster!, cool right! here we go

Double your boot speed

  1. Press Start + r (run)
  2. type msconfig
  3. Go to Boot
  4. Advanced options
  5. Check number of processes
  6. set it to the maximum number 7.Reboot Done!

See if that works. If it doesn't I'll give you another tip!

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