Win 7 OEM rules prior to activation

  robert888 23:45 08 Jan 2013

I have a win 7 OEM disk for 32/64 bit and have installed the 32 bit to check it out. As I have not activated the 32 bit am I ok to replace the 32 bit with the 64 bit? Prior to activation can I install the 32/64 on other PC's until I decide which one to activate the copy on?

  lotvic 23:56 08 Jan 2013

Page full of Microsoft official Windows 7 Direct Download Links ( for .iso's to burn your own DVD's to try out all the flavours you want before any activations. (you can save your oem activation for when you have made your mind up) Scroll down to the English USA section and get ones with SP1 U (media refresh) as they have sp1 on them. You will need a program like the free 'Imgburn' to burn an .iso to DVD.

Entering a product key during installation isn't mandatory. Just click the "Next" button without entering anything, and the Windows 7 Trial will be installed.

Happy playing.

  lotvic 23:57 08 Jan 2013

oops, forgot the link, here it is

  robert888 00:36 09 Jan 2013

Iotvi, thanks for the info. However as I have decided to replace my current 32 bit version with a 64 bit will I be allowed to remove the 32 bit and install the 64 bit using the same OEM disc without any problems?

  lotvic 01:08 09 Jan 2013

Yes, you said it's not activated and even if it was and you changed to 64bit and put the product key in and went ahead with activation it would just mean you 'might' have to phone to activate (to explain it was still on same machine) instead of internet auto. When you activate an oem version the motherboard becomes 'tied' to that product key and when the motherboard dies then the oem expires (that's why it's cheaper than a retail version).

You can use your oem w7 dvd's to 'Test Drive' install as a trial on any pc and as many pcs as you want, as I said in previous post you don't have to put the product key in, just click on Next.

Hope you noted the info on the link as that's the bit you can play with, you don't really need to download another copy of w7 as you already have them.

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