Win 7 and mouse selection of images

  RedYelBlu 12:38 07 Dec 2014

I have been using Windows 7 now for about 3 years and one thing I cannot get to work the same as the old XP, is selecting more that one image with the mouse.

With my Win 7 Home Premium, if I want to select maybe 2 or 3 images from say 12, I hold down the CTL key and then left click the first image it will be highlighted. But as I move on, sometimes the next image is highlighted and then some are unhighlighted. With the old XP as I selected another image with the CTL key down they would all stay selected and highlighted.

Also selecting a row of images with the UP key and the left mouse button doesnt seem to work correctly either.

Am I doing something wrong or is the mouse setup incorrect? Thanks.

  Batch 15:41 07 Dec 2014

What application are you using when it doesn't work?

As far as I'm aware it should work across the board by holding down CTL as you select.

Not so sure about using the UP + left mouse though.

  Secret-Squirrel 16:21 07 Dec 2014

Red, instead of having to hold down the CTRL and Shift keys, you may find it a lot less fiddly to select files by using the Explorer check boxes instead - here's a tutorial.

  RedYelBlu 21:12 07 Dec 2014

Thank you Secret-Squirrel. I have just watched the tutorial ticked the tick box to select files. Seems to suit me better.

  lotvic 18:37 08 Dec 2014

I also say thank you Secret-Squirrel, I never knew about that. Very Handy, ta.

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