Win 7 and HP Compact 6720s with Vista

  Effie 22:36 16 Jun 2011

I am considering updating from Win Vista to Win 7.

Just wondering has anyone successfully gone from Vista to Win 7 as I am under the impression from HP website etc. that this might not be easy to achieve.

  chub_tor 09:40 18 Jun 2011

This HP site seems to suggest that the 6720 will work OK with Win 7 although one or two people have had problems with the scroll on the touchpad (solved by using the Synaptics driver) and with Bluetooth (solved by using the Vista 32bit business driver). One other site suggested that Win 7 drivers for the 6710 model will work on the 6720. To me it looks good for the upgrade.

  chub_tor 09:44 18 Jun 2011

Click Here is the link to the 6710b Win 7 drivers if you need to use them.

  Effie 17:48 19 Jun 2011

Many thanks Chub-tor for your links. They at least, give me some hope that all is not quite lost and that getting Win 7 might indeed be a possability.

Thanks again.

  Effie 23:42 19 Jun 2011

Does any one know if I would lose the backup discs which have been made with Vista which I have made for my 6720 if I updated to Win 7 ?

  chub_tor 19:53 20 Jun 2011

When you say the back up discs, are these the restore discs you made when you first got your machine or are these back ups of your data?

  Effie 10:17 21 Jun 2011

It's the discs that came with HP when I got it first Chub_tor,

  chub_tor 13:16 21 Jun 2011

Those disks are made so that in the event of a catastrophe you can restore your machine back to same settings it had when you first bought it and they are useful in so much that if you wanted to sell the machine later on you can restore it to the factory settings which will wipe out everything you have ever done on the machine. They would of course restore it to Vista.

If you decide to upgrade to Win 7 you would be wise to make a new copy of your hard drive straight after the installation using something like Acronis or one of the free drive copy programmes you can find with a Google search.

Personally being a belt and braces man here is what I would do.

  1. Buy a big external hard drive 2. Partition it into two. 3. Clone the contents of what you have now onto one of the partitions, (that way you have a complete copy of your machine as it stands today with all its data and its installed programmes). 4. Do the Win 7 upgrade 5. Clone the new upgrade to the other partition on your new external hard drive.

It's easier than it looks on paper and that way you have a ready backup on your external hard hard drive that you can sync to your laptop to keep your backup up to date

  Effie 16:05 21 Jun 2011

Many thanks Club_tor, I appreciate all your help! Will have to get myself some more equipment before I can try out your suggestions! Thanks again!

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