Win 7 & email

  highside 17:16 23 Sep 2009

With Win 7 in mind I opened a Hotmail account and imported my Windows Mail ISP account into it.
ie now have two addreses.
Have found that Hotmail is much to frilly and complicated when all I want is a basic email send and receive.
Had a look at gmail which looks much more like Windows mail- is gmail OK ?
Could I import my old ISP e address into it from Hotmail?
Only reason for original change was due to impending Win 7 installation
Thanks for any help.

  a member 19:08 23 Sep 2009

why not just use windows mail.

  highside 19:38 23 Sep 2009

Because Upgrade Advisor says that windows mail will not be included with Windows 7 and another package must be used.

  a member 20:47 23 Sep 2009

I know it does not ship with win 7 but I am using it sucsessfully . you can copy the email folder complete from a fresh install of vista . over to win 7 .
It works a charm I am using it with the full rtm version of win7 .
look here: click here

  highside 21:46 23 Sep 2009

Thanks for that will attempt it when I get 7.
In the meantime will have to try to get my ISP win mail back to windows mail.
Another thing about Hotmail it seems you have to keep resigning in for instance after doing a file clean up.

  Forum Editor 00:05 24 Sep 2009

is an excellent (free) alternative to Windows Mail.

I use it (in Windows 7) for one of my mailboxes, and it works perfectly. It's fast, looks good, and is relatively gizmo-free, it just does what you want a mail client to do.

  Teaboy 17:27 24 Sep 2009

Mozilla Thunderbird I'm sure is fine. But why not download windows live mail into W7 as you would have to do with MT?

Or am I missing something?

  highside 19:07 24 Sep 2009

Dont like Live - too fussy too many other things popping up. I just want to go straight to an inbox in the simplest way just like standard windows mail,

  Teaboy 17:01 25 Sep 2009

I was missing something!

  highside 17:04 25 Sep 2009

Thanks all - plenty to go on.

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