Win 7 available in uk

  bobbybowls 07:57 15 Jul 2009

just had an Email W7 now available from amazon uk

  bobbybowls 08:01 15 Jul 2009

sorry meant to say for pre order

  anskyber 10:28 15 Jul 2009

Yep got it from Amazon for £48.13 inc first class delivery. It's a steal.

  tigertop2 11:07 15 Jul 2009

I have just ordered 3 from Amazon at just over £44 each. According to Google it is sold out already in Germany and France. The Anvika site suggested by PC Advisor does not appear to be accepting orders yet, only registration of interest. Quite amazing demand for this new product which I have found to be very stable in its 32 RC format but not so in the 64 bit

  tigertop2 11:17 15 Jul 2009

Apologies,tha Anvika site is open for orders along with Dixons , PC World etc. However Amazon seems to be the cheapest so far at £44

  T I M B O 12:36 15 Jul 2009

Since win 7 is almost the same as vista but a lighter version of vista & microsoft thought that vista needed replacing so fast, then why is £48.13p such a good deal. It's a steal alright !!! don't even come with IE8, there is a god lol !!!

  olyman 09:26 17 Jul 2009

I went to the Microsoft Store yesterday and found that it was no longer available (today the price has gone up to £80).I then tried to pre-order from Amazon but they appeared to have run out. I did manage to pre-order from Dixons at £45 with the order confirmed later. I have my fingers crossed that they will actually be forthcoming.
I have received an email from Staples this morning offering it for £44.
If eventually people don't receive their orders because of a small allocation from Microsoft it will be a massive marketing own goal which will backfire on them.

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