Win 7 64 bit Epson Scanner

  fpg 17:57 02 Jun 2012

The scanner is an Epson Perfection 1650 (some years old but OK with 32bit) but my searches have failed to finf a driver to work with Win 7 64bit. Has anyone a solution? With thanks fpg

  john bunyan 18:30 02 Jun 2012

Although you have 64 it, some older programmes and devices install and work OK in 32 bit. They appear in C: Programme Files (x84). I do not have an Epson, but if you look here you should be able to download the right drivers, be they 63 or 32 bit. If the machine is a little old, they are likely to be the 32 bit ones but that should not be a worry.See here:

Epson W 7 Drivers for 1650

  john bunyan 08:16 03 Jun 2012

Re your comments on TWAIN on your other thread. I have a Canon, but also like and use TWAIN. Not sure what photo programme you use, I have Photoshop CS5, about to upgrade to CS6. This installs in both 64 and 32 bit versions and only then 32 bit supports TWAIN, and then only with a PS TWAIN plug in. Do post back if this is the question.

  Woolwell 13:20 04 Jun 2012

I installed an Epson 1660 on W7 64bit without a snag using Vista 64bit. I had to use a different interface as the original software wouldn't work. But the bad news is that it was unofficial driver and the site that I downloaded from no longer exists. I am finding the same problem with the 1650.

  granpa geek 07:40 05 Jun 2012

VueScan Scanner Software for Windows 7, Mac OS X Lion, Linux ... have drivers to keep your scanner operating, W7 64bit etc. still using Epson Perfection 610. a trial period will give you time to use some creativity for continuous use without a fee.

  johndrew 10:09 05 Jun 2012

When you first connected the scanner to the PC you should have allowed it to go online and search for drivers. Both my scanner (Epson V500) and older printer (Epson Stylus Color 740) were automatically recognised and the appropriate drivers downloaded.

  fpg 11:51 05 Jun 2012

I have two posts with overlapping issues so first I have to correct my error - the scanner is a CANON 1650 not Epson like my printers. But the good news is that the help from the other post led th this respnse -

Thanks to all - I have follwed many links and one has been a SUCCESS ! rdave13 your suggestion to visit Vuescan was very interesting. I downloaded the program and had an easy install. It worked without any problems. So if Vuescan can write a Win7 64 bit driver that works with old scanners (Canon 1650) it does raise questions re the non-customer support policies of the large manufactures. A happy ending and thanks to PCADVISOR also.

  johndrew 16:45 05 Jun 2012

The manufacturer of your scanner is immaterial, the principle is what I was trying to get across by identifying similar equipment. W7 will automatically look for the correct drivers if you let it.

  cutegirl57 08:14 06 Jun 2012

Win7 will automatically look for the correct drivers if you let it!


  fpg 23:15 08 Jun 2012

Yes Johndrew but your Epson 700 series are more'modern' than the Perfection 1650. We know that Win 7 searches for the driver but it cannot find a Win 7 64 bit for a 1650.if the manufacturer refuses to create one. My point is that they should - workable scanners end in the landfill when systems are upgraded. An expensive unnecessary waste. If Vuescan can do it why not the manufacturers ? fpg

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