Win 10 Slow Startup After Creators Update

  Rob Gibson 17:34 10 Aug 2017

As per the title. My machine used to start from cold in just less than minute, but after the Creators Update it now takes about two and a half minutes.

Any ideas on why this should be would be most welcome.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:40 10 Aug 2017

Try doing a Restart ( not shutdown) a couple of times and then time it from a shutdown.

  Rob Gibson 22:51 10 Aug 2017

Very interesting. Did two restarts, and then a shutdown and subsequent startup. One minute! What's going on?

  Rob Gibson 19:05 11 Aug 2017

Thanks for the suggestion.

Why did this work?

  Secret-Squirrel 09:21 12 Aug 2017

Rob, Windows 10 (and 8) computers frequently get themselves in a pickle, but if the users shuts it down then turns it back on again it just wakes up in exactly the same state. This is because the newfangled shutdown is more of a hibernate where the kernel data is saved to disk and reloaded at startup.

A Windows 8/10 "Restart" has the same effect as a shutdown in windows 7 (and earlier) versions of Windows and in my experience solves around one third of all Windows 8/10 problems. It's the first thing that should be tried when problems arise.

  Rob Gibson 09:28 12 Aug 2017


Thanks for the explanation. I was really muttering at first! Anyway, from pressing the power button to my desktop now takes 50 seconds, and that's with fast startup disabled.

Thanks both.

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