Win 10 search shows already uninstalled programs.

  szakisz 14:08 06 Jun 2017

Hi! I have a problem with start menu search results in windows 10. I decided to switch over from MS Office 2007 to Office 2016. I uninstalled the previous version and I also used CCleaner to delete all the old entries possible. As you see on the picture (001):

I have Office 2016 already installed. However, when I search for any office app in start menu, I have something like this:

This shortcut is inactive. I can't even click it or so. It's just there stucked all the time and when I pin it to the start menu...

...all I have is an empty tile with folder location. This folder doesn't even exist anymore because it has been removed during the process. Has anyone ever encountered similar problem? I've already tried Microsoft Start Menu Troubleshooting Tool and also tried to reindex the start menu content. Nothing work :( I would be grateful for any piece of advice.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:23 06 Jun 2017

The start menu tile is just a short can you not just delete it?

  szakisz 21:33 06 Jun 2017

It's not just about the tile in the start menu. It's about the results in the search that display MS Office 2007 which is uninstalled. Anyway... I created another user profile. That fixed the problem. Topic closed.

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