Win 10 Screens Lacking Colour and Structure

  griffon56 13:14 03 Nov 2015

Just upgraded to Windows 10 from Win 7 Home Premium and have lost all sorts of screen appearance features, including colours, and most screens are skeletal with the black line outlines reminiscent of Win 3.1.1. Nearly everything, especially Firefox, has slowed to a crawl, pop-up adverts I never used to get continually cause the screen to jump position and defeat where I am clicking, both Zone Alarm and Spybot required new downloads and instals, McAfee reports that Zone Alarm isn't working when ZA reports that it IS, on many screens the little operator buttons like minimise, maximise and close are absent altogether and so are many other functions within pages, right-click menus black out when the mouse pointer is held over them.......I could go on and on. And the sheer size of the new OS, over 3GB!!!, it took over 3 hours to download, it ought to be called Windows Jabba!! It's jerky and clunky and barren.

A huge thick black line has now appeared round this text box which prevents me resizing it because the resize double arrow is buried underneath. What a total disappointment. All the sicko-frantic journalists say it's 'Great' but it has been a retrograde step for me. How long is it going to be for those same journalists to recant and admit that Win 10 was another total disaster on the part of MS? I know that I can go back to Win 7 apparently safely, therefore why all the dire warnings about backing up data??, but why should I have to, I want to go 'forward' with Win 10 but not as it is presently performing on my machine? Isn't there also a time limit on re-adopting Win 10 later, if I change my mind.

Please can anyone tell me how to make the the appearance of the new OS like the old one? I could attach a copy of a screen print if there was a button on this page, but I can't find one. In desperation, Rog

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:47 03 Nov 2015

McAfee reports that Zone Alarm isn't working when ZA reports two anti virus programs or is ZA just a firewall these will cause conflicts?

However I think your problem is you need to reload your graphics drivers.

  griffon56 15:03 04 Nov 2015

Thanks for your reply Fruitbat, I've appreciated your advice over a number of years now, but probably as a result of following it long ago, I only run one antivirus, tho' Avast invites me to download its latest version on every startup. I run AVG for antivirus and ZA for firewall and have done for many years. In addition I make regular cleanups with Malwarebytes, Spybot and CCleaner and also keep Spywareblaster up to date. I've been computing since 1993 and have never had a crash or virus or blue screen of death, largely I think to heeding advice from such as you. Before downloading Win 10 a message from MS appeared saying that none of my data or settings would be affected by the upgrade. Patently a lie since I have been suffering since from all manner of defects such as web pages not scrolling until all the insufferable ads have downloaded, even on PCA, and Firefox was originally set to reject popups. There are lots of other minor but irritating mannerisms that I could do without. For example, the key strokes in this box are taking noticeable time to perform. Do I have grounds to sue MS for loss of facility? Ah well, I guess I'll have to go over to Linux, tho' I could do without that hassle because I'm not in good health and am nursing my partner as well. I just wish some people would be honest when they see something new from the big operators like MS and so on, and not greet it with grovelling praise and uncritical acclaim, regardless of the crap it really is.

  griffon56 15:16 04 Nov 2015

Ah Fruitbat, I see your concern over me mentioning McAfee. It's not the full suite, it's just the little program called McAfee Security Scan which runs at startup in about 20 seconds, at least it did, it'll probably take 2 hours now, and is then dormant. It comes free with several popular downloads, like CCleaner updates and so on, tho' I don't know where I got it. It ran perfectly OK on Win 7 Home Premium for years and has never given trouble, it's Win 10 which is at fault. I'll update the graphics drivers tho' and see what happens.

  griffon56 16:09 04 Nov 2015

I've upgraded screen drivers with advice from Samsung but it hasn't made any difference, the general appearance is still mainly black outlines to things and print in Royal Blue. The TalkTalk home page has changed completely and I don't think it was as result of reaction to the hack. Nearly all photos and images are in colour but there's no background and no fill-in colour. It just looks skeletal and unfriendly, as well as being slow and riddled with pop-ups, especially on PCA, tho' I think that's PCA, I've noticed it has got a lot less geek friendly and a lot more commercial over the years and I don't like it. I guess that's progress with the first syllable spoken as frog and who am I to wish that it hadn't taken place. Come back Win XP all is forgiven.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:20 04 Nov 2015

Have you looked in settings - personalisation -colours?

It may be worth doing a "reset" settings - update and security - recovery- rest choose the option to keep all your data.

  griffon56 17:31 24 Nov 2015

Sorry about the very late answer have been away caring. Tried all that, no effect. I get the impression that many of the changes of Win 10 are very unhelpful. Things have become harsh and barren looking, with unintuitive menus and inexplicable titles and descriptions of things. Why for example would there be no less than 3 High Contrast settings for the screen, all of which are extremely unpleasant to view and use. Why would my chosen light blue background be described as an 'Unsaved Theme' and there be no means of 'Saving'it? You see what I mean. None of this existed with Win 7. How do I go back to it, any idea, please? If I can't get remission from this truly unpleasant Win 10 experience I will have to go to Linux.

  griffon56 14:25 27 Nov 2015

This is not so much a reply as a further bleat. I tried to go back to Win 7 within the 30 days from installation, only to find that the option was not available. It was to do with the Win Old folder having been deleted, how I don't know, unless CCleaner gets rid of it on a routine clean, and thus the roll back was not possible. Does anybody know this for sure, or was it because the 30 days allowance is from downloading and not from installing Win 10. I had no option but to do a reset, which deleted all programs, tho' not data, and I've now got a very lame machine with none of the bundled progs like MS Word and Photoshop Elements which the old Win 7 machine had. This was all supposed to be a simple and straightforward process, heaven help us if business is having to do the same thing, enough mistakes are made as it is.

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