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Win 10 Pro System Restore malfunctions 0x081000203

  tallboy 22:33 16 Dec 2019

Whilst removing a number of programs (individually) on my Win 10 Pro system using Revo Uninstall, System Restore failed to work. (Having worked for the first 3 or so uninstalls). It reports that there is an unexpected error in the Property Page & that it encountered an error (0x81000203). Having gone through the suggestions given on the Apauls website (click here I have set the Microsoft Shadow Copy to Automatic & the appropriate Group Policy Editor to "Not Configured" but System Restore still fails to work. Any suggestions as to a fix would be appreciated. Thanks.

  x13 08:26 17 Dec 2019

Not the same error but a comprehensive list of fixes for the temperamental Sys Restore. Link

Creating images of the system is more reliable I find and run with SR off - but each to their own.

  tallboy 23:05 17 Dec 2019

Hi x13. Many thanks for the link. Your right about System Restore being temperamental! I certainly don't rely on it; it was just in this case I was using Revo Uninstall for several program removals and that program does a System Restore automatically unless you skip it.

I worked my way through the list of things to try in the article you suggested, but none fixed the problem. As I have been having some other problems with my Profile I decided to go back to an Image I made on 10/12/19 (which fixed the System Restore problem & a problem I was having with Kaspersky Total Security) and then create a new User Profile. All I have to do now is shift data to my new profile and as I keep most of it on non-C: drives, there's not a lot to move over.

I hope the link you suggest will help other readers who are having similar problems. It is certainly detailed.

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