Win 10 PC not recognising IDE enclosure

  haley6000 10:40 14 Aug 2018

Hi everyone

I am not a tech expert and a very basic computer user. What I’m trying to do is open files I had on two old hard drives which were once part of my old laptop and old pc.

I use a PC with Win 10. I had two old hard drives from old computers and laptops with data. One needed a SATA enclosure to read it and this I achieved successfully. I can read the files and copy them. They show in Win Explorer.

The other drive, from an old Toshiba Laptop required an IDE drive. I bought one from PC world (Dynamode 2.5” External IDE Hard Disk Enclosure). This I connected to my PC, but it doesn’t show in Win Explorer. The IDE drive does show in ‘disk management’ and it connects fine because I can eject it normally from the ‘eject software’ button when you want to close a program.

Now I tried to find online info on how to view the disk and I found advice telling me to check the ‘disk management’ and open it from there. I can see the ide enclosure but I cannot open it. The files show as RAW and win 10 tells me they need to be formatted. Of course I did not format as there is data on it.

I have tried Recuva recovery, which doesn’t see the drive. I tried another one, which was able to recover but I couldn’t do anything as it was a paid service., So I uninstalled it and tried Stellar Windows Recovery Tool, which also could not find the IDE enclosure.

I want to see if I can get my PC to open the IDE enclosure without formatting the drive and without a paid recovery service.

Can anyone tell me what I need to do? I’m sure it is a simple setting change. My computer recognised the SATA drive but why not the IDE drive? Admittedly it was older, and it had an earlier version of Windows.

Thank you in advance for tips. when responding please lay out clear instructions as i don't understand tech talk. Im a total newbie. Many thanks.

  lotvic 13:35 17 Aug 2018

Ok, Fruit Bat /\0/\'s pic shows no jumper is needed to make it Master. As the HDD is showing RAW try this method:

Using you can Recover lost Data from External RAW HDD. Watch the YouTube vid click here

Link to for the software click here

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