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Win 10 OK for me but not for some ?

  iscanut 11:32 08 Aug 2015

Not a request for help but just to say that the download and install from Win 7 was trouble free and everything on my pc was retained and everything works fine. Unlike some, I like Win 10 and find it easy to use, nice on the eye and some nice features. Boot up and close down much faster. I don't want to appear smug as I know some of you have had problems but I just wanted to say I LIKE IT.

  tullie 14:50 08 Aug 2015


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:53 08 Aug 2015

Ok for me too (but i did take the precaution of imaging the drive and backing up before I installed it).

looking at the windows help forum perhaps we're the lucky ones.

  Govan1x 19:55 08 Aug 2015

I had problems with a blue screen. Edge and Windows updates but have them all working now.

Like you say it is better than w8.1 but not better than W7.{everyone knows my Opinion of W8.1]

We are going to have a lot of problems with Windows Updates on W10 unless they do something about it.

  Madrat 19:07 09 Aug 2015

I had no problems at all, everything worked after upgrade and I lost nothing. Quite like 10, much better than 8 but I still miss XP

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