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Win 10. Mouse right click not working on folders

  anniesboy68 18:44 26 Aug 2015

As the heading, my mouse right click will not work on folders [re name etc] What happens is I right click, the mouse pointer turns into a circle for a few seconds and then everything goes back to the desktop i.e the folder vanishes. No problem ...say right click on the desktop. Its not the mouse as I have tried another, and the touch pad is the same on my laptop. Any ideas, please

  chub_tor 19:14 26 Aug 2015
  anniesboy68 12:43 27 Aug 2015

All sorted thanks. And thanks for those who replied. Went to CC Cleaner/Tools/ start up/Context menu, and disabled each one until I found the culprit, which of course I have left disabled. A little thing like that causes so much hassle don't you think. AB

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