Win 10 - has changed administrator and start up

  Richard1900 17:37 25 Aug 2016

Hi When my PC automatically updated to Win 10 all went smoothly, it did not ask me for a Microsoft account and always showed my name on the start up /welcome screen (the one with for squares). We needed no password to access the PC and anyone in the family could use it. Last week my daughter was looking at some photos on the PC and decided to 'share' some with her sister. To do this she had to log into her own Microsoft account. Now our PC has changed, it shows my daughter's name as Administrator and we have to use her personal password to access the PC. Why has this happened and can I get back to how it was before - no access password and my name as Administrstor?


  Forum Editor 18:26 25 Aug 2016

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  robin_x 18:59 25 Aug 2016

Right click Start Button > Command Prompt (Admin). Type netplwiz

Can you see all your accounts. Tick/Untick checkbox and select Account you want to automatically login.

Or click Start, click Account Picture Icon then Account Settings

Or try a System Restore to last week or earlier

Start, Run rstrui

  Secret-Squirrel 19:19 25 Aug 2016

..... and can I get back to how it was before....

Yes you can.

Click the Start button -> Settings -> Accounts -> "Sign in with a local account instead" link. Check that the username shown is the same as it was before and leave the password boxes empty. It's as simple as that.

  Pine Man 15:12 26 Aug 2016

This is one of three major problems (in my opinion) with W10.

  1. I set up my wifes PC in her name without a password and all was fine until I decided to download an app to it from my account in my name and, you've guessed, I became the administrator for my wife's computer and her account disappeared. Luckily I had installed Acronis True Image and all was soon back to normal.

  2. After installing W10 I found that System Restore had been turned off by default. Not a problem if you know but if not, and you rely on it, you are in for a real shock/disappointment.

  3. It is virtually impossible to stop Windows 10 updating itself. All you can do is control the restart. It's not a problem if you pay for unlimited broadband and don't have to control your usage and, in addition, you don't mind being a guinea pig for a new set of updates, which on occasions in the past have been found to be faulty.

Apart from the above the rest seems ok;-)

  Richard1900 13:59 28 Aug 2016

Thanks all for taking the time to reply, I appreciate your help. Unfortunately I wish it really was as simple as that Secret Squirrel but when I follow your advice only my daughter's user name is shown, I have no option to go back to mine. It really is annoying. A system restore will undo that latest Win 'critical' update I think so not keen on doing that except as a last resort (I assume you cannot create a restore point retrospectively. Thanks

  Pine Man 14:43 28 Aug 2016

As you can see I had exactly the same problem. Luckily I had a back up.

You have nothing to lose by trying a system restore. The worst case scenario is that you'll have to carry out the update again.

There may be some way of using your daughters password to open up windows and adding yourself as another user. Then give yourself administrator privileges, if you can, followed by removing your daughter as one of the users. If that is possible then you can easily remove the need for a password.

  Secret-Squirrel 15:32 28 Aug 2016

...........only my daughter's user name is shown,...

Where exactly? Please be specific.

Please don't consider doing anything drastic just yet because this should be a very simple issue to sort out.

  Richard1900 20:29 28 Aug 2016

Hi Secret Squirrel, I have now followed your original suggestion more closely and can now sign in using my name as a local account which is great. My daughters influence is still there as the pink cup-cake that appeared over her name is still on the screen over mine! I suspect that the PC still treats her as the administrator which could be a problem at some point in the future. But the immediate problem is solved.

Thanks for your time.

  robin_x 21:27 28 Aug 2016

Sign in as any Administrator. Goto Control Panel > Accounts > Change Account Type

Click on your account and follow your nose

  Secret-Squirrel 08:40 29 Aug 2016

............the pink cup-cake that appeared over her name is still on the screen over mine!

That can be changed easily as well. Go back to Settings -> Accounts and click on one of the options under "Create your picture". You can either take one with a camera (if you have one connected) or select a picture from a file.

I suspect that the PC still treats her as the administrator which could be a problem at some point in the future.

You've successfully disconnected your daughter's Microsoft account from the PC so that can't happen. For peace of mind, check that it says "Administrator" underneath your account name and picture. I'm sure it will.

You don't need to do anything else.

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