Win 10, acts like maxed resources

  GayKiwi 05:04 20 Mar 2018

Sorry for errors I am forced to use my cellphone to type this post.

I am looking for advance help. Doing anything on my PC causes the computer to act as if I have asked it to solve the meaning of life. However when using Task Manager, it reports not even taxed services.

CPU never higher than 20% RAM never higher than 30% Disk/Network nearly always 0% GPU never higher than 15%

Scans done by malware bytes, and a now uninstalled virus scan, resulted in no results.

A recent Windows update forced an update to Windows restore arrives if this was the problem even resetting Windows 10 is infected.

The drive has been factory reset twice, system restore has been ran and I believe failed.

  Govan1x 10:02 20 Mar 2018

Run disk clean up and when that finishes click on system file clean up and run that. Any old Windows updates will be deleted leaving more room on your hard drive.

While doing disk clean up it will tell you how much space you have left on your hard drive. less than 20% and the computer will slow down.

Maybe go into safe mode with it and see if it runs any better on there.

  GayKiwi 20:47 20 Mar 2018

Disk cleanup completed cleaning out 152MB, the drive has a total over 3TB in free space.

When in Safe Mode the cpu will get to 99% with launching any program, and idles at around 5% when not in use. Memory seems okay at 6%

fsc /scannow found no errors

  Govan1x 22:55 20 Mar 2018

Have you cleaned inside your computer lately especially around the fans and the heatsink.

Any yellow exclamation marks in Device manager.

  GayKiwi 03:31 21 Mar 2018

Pc was recently reinstalled by pc tech firm (two months ago?) Cleaning and resetting everything in. I'm not 100% certain but it does seem internal fans are at 100% active constantly even with little activity. Thou I have no means of proving that.

I see no internal dust, blasted it with external air suppler in case, fans and grills had little to no build up. Build up removed with a brush when covers removed from tower.

While in Safe Mode I preformed a Windows memory test but have no idea where the results are. When returned to normal mode I get a 2 second notification that no memory problems are found.

Device Manager has no warnings.

  GayKiwi 05:21 21 Mar 2018

Can't work a way to edit my post on a cell phone. So forgive me I double posting is taboo.

I've used furmark I think it was called, and tested how the GPU acts while testing it. For an hour there was no obvious glitches, stress or strain on the GPU. Temps didn't get past 70° and graphics memory I think stayed in acceptable margins.

I do not know of a suitable cpu test or what else to run to try and find out what might cause such a slow pc

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