Will you be upgrading to Win 8?

  ams4127 22:56 14 Sep 2011

With all the hype and rumour surrounding the future release of Windows 8, I just thought I would see how people are feeling about moving on from Win 7.

Personally, I will hang back and watch the various forums for reported problems before considering upgrading/clean installing, and my reasons are as follows....

In my opinion, Win 7 is probably the best version of Microsoft's operating system ever released. It is fast, stable and does everything I want it to do and I can see no reason to change it.

The screen shots of Win 8 and it's tiles look, to me, like a kid's toy. I'm sure that will be fine for a tablet or netbook using a touchscreen interface but it will look very strange on a desktop monitor. Hopefully there will be a way to get back to a "normal" front end.

I have a sneaky feeling that Win 7 will end up as the new XP, in that people who are happy with it (and most are), will keep on using it until Microsoft eventually withdraws all support.

If Win 8 were to be released at about the same price as Apple ask for each OS update, I might be tempted. However chance, as they say, would be a fine thing.

Does anyone else have any views on this?

  Chegs ®™ 01:47 15 Sep 2011

I swore I would never swap from 98se,then upgraded my PC which had too much RAM for 98se to run,so upgraded the OS to XP.Again,I swore I'd not change it and we got Vista which came on my shiny new desktop & laptop,the 64 bit version ran happily on the desktop but the laptop struggled with the 32 bit version.When the hard drive expired for the 3rd time on the desktop,I bought Win7 in the shop where I bought the replacement drive.When I finally sat down to read the paperwork that came with Win7 DVD,I realised I could also install it on the laptop & now have 64 bit on desktop with 32 bit on lappy & it fairly flies(no more "Gamebooster" on the laptop)Once the laptop was free of Vista,its as powerful as my desktop of several years back.I'll probably upgrade either one or both machines to Win 8 eventually,either because MS cease offering updates or I'm able to buy newer PC's but I'm not an avid chaser of the latest "must-have" hardware,I only upgrade the hardware when the present machines croak or are unable to do what I'm wanting(usually run a game I find I like)

  wiz-king 05:48 15 Sep 2011

Not for a while - I want to see what it's like on a desktop PC with a mouse and keyboard before I will consider changing. Touch screen no good for me as I cant touch the screen from where I sit.

  Kevscar1 07:10 15 Sep 2011

No quite happy with Vista 64bit and will keep it until the comp dies.

  anskyber 08:40 15 Sep 2011

Most will not have a choice or even care that much as new PCs come with it preinstalled in the future.

A good question nonetheless. For my part I am distinctly underwhelmed by what I have seen. My current machine came with XP which was upgraded to Vista on the day of it's release and subsequently had W7 as a clean install on the day of its release. The enthusiasm for W8 has never developed.

Without wishing to provoke yet more discussion about Apple (its a pointless exercise) my thoughts are now turning to an iMac next time. Having resisted the iPhone for some time I now see it as the most important bit of kit I own.

  Crosstrainer2 08:51 15 Sep 2011

I have one very low spec Windows box left....No monitor, but could easily borrow one. The fascination just isn't there anymore.

I'm told by a physiologist friend of mine that this is classic "Burn Out" you spend your entire working life in one field, and eventually a little switch in your mind clicks to "Off"

May well be true.....I'm sure I will have to have a look at it....Bootcamp in order to support my friends who use Windows. But as for it exciting me like a new OS used to? No....It will be a chore.

  spuds 09:03 15 Sep 2011

I am perhaps one of those disbelievers that the next Microsoft product will be far better than the previous product, and on that basis need to rush out and buy the 'latest thing'. Lets see what the reports and updates are first?.

I have computers that use ME (remember that?) XP Pro and Home, plus Vista, with a disk for Windows 7 to install, if and when I get around to try that out.

So the short answer to the title question, would be No.

  bremner 09:09 15 Sep 2011

I will beta test it as I have XP, Vista and W7 and then decide whether it is a worthwhile upgrade.

At first view and with some experience of the current Windows mobile OS I cannot say I am a fan of the Metro interface and hope that a Classic Window will alos be offered.

That said it will have to be exceptional for me to return to Windows from OS X.

  Crosstrainer2 09:23 15 Sep 2011

See? Metro???? I thought that was an Underground railway service......I really am that far removed these day's.

I used to live in help room here, giving advice.....Now I advise on OSX SL and Lion.....Perhaps things have not changed that much after all :))

  Bingalau 09:47 15 Sep 2011

I can't cope with upgrades and the computer I use at the moment came with XP. That took a while to get used to. Then I bought a little net-book which has windows 7, but I think that is only a small version of Windows 7. Needless to say that after about twelve months I am still not used to that as I don't use the net-book very much. (I guess I have an old fashioned attitude to life and don't see the reason for change for change sake)If you know what I mean. I will stick with this XP until it gives up the ghost.

However my monitor which came with my original desktop back in 1999 probably needs renewing as it flickers a lot when first switched on. I suppose it will give an indication that it needs changing when it gives one big flicker and goes to the big monitor's place in the sky.

  interzone55 09:48 15 Sep 2011

I've got XP on a netbook, Vista on a personal laptop, Windows 7 on a PC and my work laptop.

of the three I prefer Windows 7, it's much faster than Vista and doesn't seem to suffer from the stupid delays whilst copying files to network drives.

I don't think I'll be replacing any hardware for a couple of years (fingers crossed that my 4-year old Toshiba laptop doesn't die for a while), so won't be trying Windows 8 until SP1 at the earliest.

The feature I like the look of the most is the touch interface, after using an Android smartphone for a while I've become enamoured by this way of interfacing with a device, so I think my next PC will be an all in one with a touch screen.

My next purchase though is going to be this, and it will be interesting to see how the Android / Chrome OS grows, because on my laptop the only application I run is Chrome, all work is done within the browser using Google docs etc

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