Will upgrade from Vista make W7 "fatter"?

  Pineman100 11:51 07 Nov 2009

My wife's laptop runs Vista Home Premium SP2. We both hate Vista and I'd like to upgrade the computer to run Windows 7 Home Premium. Purchasing an upgrade copy of W7 is over £30 cheaper than the full version.

From what I've read, one of the great advantages of W7 is that it is leaner and faster than Vista. But if I install an upgrade version, over the top of Vista, will my wife still end up with a "true" copy of W7 - leaner and faster than Vista - or will it still be carrying a load of Vista "fat" under the skin?

Any thoughts, please?

  Pine Man 11:58 07 Nov 2009

From experience with previous o/s upgrades and reports of Windows 7 upgrades I would do a clean install.

I know you are considering buying the upgrade version but I am pretty sure it is possible to do a clean install with it. May be worth a bit of research before you commit yourself.

  Pine Man 12:01 07 Nov 2009

.. a quick google revealed this link and others. click here

  Pine Man 12:04 07 Nov 2009

.. option one appears to be a breeze!!

  Pineman100 12:19 07 Nov 2009

(and a little less of the 'old', if you don't mind - however true it may be!) ;o)

That's a great link, thank you. When the author talks about 'manually' activating W7, does he mean by phone, or is this still an internet process?

Have you carried through this process yourself? I'm always a bit suspicious of anything described as '...a breeze'. In my experience it usually means '...will terminally screw itself up three-quarters of the way through'!!

  Pine Man 12:57 07 Nov 2009

I pre-ordered my W7 so it is a full version.

The activation referred to is via the internet.

I can't see any reason why it shouldn't work. You certainly don't have to provide the product key during the installation. I didn't and activated later after the complete installation.

I also share your concerns about things being a 'breeze' but certainly my clean install was definitely a breeze, in fact nearly a full blown gale! I have never installed an o/s before that was so fast and straightforward.

Sorry about the 'old' but I merely assumed that the '100' after your name bore some relation to age;-))

  Pineman100 13:33 07 Nov 2009

"...I merely assumed that the '100' after your name bore some relation to age;-))"

A good guess, but no coconut. However, if you're around in 2043, feel free to join HM the Queen in wishing me a happy birthday!

Like you, I shall be receiving a free copy of W7, once HP have got their act together in writing new driver software.

So, as I'm going to be running W7, my wife wanted to be rid of Vista and do the same (although I remember that you don't share that dislike of Vista).

I think I'll do as recommended in the article that you linked me to. Many thanks for that.

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