Will it be worth the effort?

  StephenCrossland 00:56 19 Sep 2014

I have a Win Xp setup. Freshly reinstalled and feeling happy. The motherboard is 4Core1600-GLAN and reads sata2. The plan is to clone the drive and replace it with a ssd drive. Any advice as to what I should do would be greatly appreciated. The speed of writing especially with HD video editing.

Will it be worth the effort?


  StephenCrossland 20:56 21 Sep 2014


If you experience a performance issue using the Intel 330, 335, or 500 Series drives with Microsoft Windows XP, please install the Acronis AlignTool - Intel® SSD Edition.

Thank you again.

Should I run the toolbox program again when the SSD is running the show?/Boot drive. After I have disconnected the original drive?


  StephenCrossland 22:16 21 Sep 2014

Apologies again rdave13, My plan is to clone my drive. As it is now. I do that the installation disk should I require it but I was hoping to

  1. Connect the SSD to SATA connection and power. Turn on PC open BIOS Check install from C: drive run toolbox. Format SSD Restart Computer from CD Gparted live. Check/correct alignment. Restart Clone C:drive onto SATA using click here

Switch off PC disconnect HDD. reboot run intel toolbox. again. Say thank you. s,

  StephenCrossland 22:57 21 Sep 2014

I'm feeling a little old?

Go for straight cloning, change to SSD and see if it boots up, even slowly. If it does the realign partition and install the Intel tool. If XP allows it.

but AHCI ?

I do feel a little confused.


  StephenCrossland 22:59 21 Sep 2014

Linux applications can be very useful.

  StephenCrossland 23:15 21 Sep 2014

I would have to change the boot parameters on restart. F12 would offer the choice on booting up but I'm not afraid of the BIOS F2-I think... Changing the boot order is all you need to do with SATA drives. I'm there.

I'm confident that it will work. Whether I can sort it out has been my Birthday present to myself... I like what Intel have done - incoporating XP in the Tweak/toolbox program. Very user-friendly.

The crucial ssd's are cheaper. Pertinent truth.


  StephenCrossland 00:03 22 Sep 2014

I am fully with your advice. I did just reboot the pc. Wasn't sure what I was looking for. Look again in a moment

My plan to Clone the disk is unfortunately up there to find a solution too. It has taken over a month to get the PC back where I like. XP PRO service pack 1,2 and 3 updates and my working software.


  StephenCrossland 01:30 22 Sep 2014

I will check out for the bios possibilities when I connect/buy the ssd. Thanks for the new plan. Cheers.


  StephenCrossland 17:11 20 Oct 2014

Thank you all. I have just completed the installation of a intel 530 240gb ssd. With a little help from minitool partition wizard, Acronis True image 2014 -Which came with the disk, and Intel SSD Toolbox. A lot of copying partitions and reducing their sizes before cloning and checking with the Intel toolbox. Everything seems sorted.

Thanks for being there.


  StephenCrossland 17:50 24 Oct 2014

Win Xp pro sp3 is running magnificently on the intel SSD. It is quite honestly amazing. My CPU runs at 0% after each activity. Tabs open immediately.

It has taken time and effort to derive the correct procedure; algorithm of actions. Resizing partitions etc.

If you have the time and patience it truly is worth doing.

Thanks for the guidance.


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