Will it be worth the effort?

  StephenCrossland 00:56 19 Sep 2014

I have a Win Xp setup. Freshly reinstalled and feeling happy. The motherboard is 4Core1600-GLAN and reads sata2. The plan is to clone the drive and replace it with a ssd drive. Any advice as to what I should do would be greatly appreciated. The speed of writing especially with HD video editing.

Will it be worth the effort?


  wee eddie 04:02 19 Sep 2014

If I remember rightly an SSD needs special software to be managed. I doubt that this is available for XP or Vista. Both of which predate the technology.

  StephenCrossland 15:59 19 Sep 2014

Thank you for the replies. The motherboard is Vista friendly but I have stuck with XP. I was hoping that write speeds up to 3GB/ps could be possible with sata2. Assuming backwards compatibility with a sata3 ssd but what do I know?

I shall have to look at it further before I spend any doshers.

Best Wishes, s.

  bumpkin 16:34 19 Sep 2014

Will it be worth the effort?

Not in my opinion, probably be problems with XP.

  StephenCrossland 16:57 19 Sep 2014

Thank you again everyone. My question now must take a change of direction. If I were to clone a ssd drive with my current XP setup and then find I couldn't get the PC to boot. Oh joy BSOD. How I love your absence...

Would I be able to re-format the SSD drive. Wipe it clean and into a more upto date pc, sata3 et al?

Are there any restrictions?

The first pc I bought second-hand in 1990. 40MB disk drive. MSDOS 5.25in disk. It's all changed. s.

  alanrwood 19:14 19 Sep 2014

The reason an SSD is not effective with XP is that XP does not support TRIM which is an essential benefit of an SSD by evening out the wear on the semiconductor memory. bXP also does not format the SSD correctly which leads to a slower response and additional wear as above. In conclusion an SSD and XP don't fit together very well. The Restriction on TRIM does not apply to Vista/Win7 and Win7 will format the SSD correctly. Cloning an existing XP drive to an SSD will simply perpetuate the problems above.

  StephenCrossland 14:56 21 Sep 2014

Thank You alanrwood for your reply, I didn't check page 2! I'm new to this forum. I understand what you are saying about the SSD TRIM. That said I have been looking for alternative views and came across OCZ SSD FAQs. Question 5... If I'm using an older OS such as Vista or XP, will I still get the performance benefits of SSDs? Answer... While you will get the overall benefits of an SSD vs. a HDD in both XP and Vista, SSDs will perform best with Windows 7 due to features available such as TRIM. Though Windows Vista and XP were released before SSDs were a mainstream product, both can be used without issue. OCZ has an extensive user forum for additional info and guides on how to optimize your SSD within any operating system.

I think it may well be worth getting a SSD drive. I can always keep a SATA HD drive ready, fully installed, waiting for the SSD to become unresponsive. I have 2 spare 500gb drives waiting. s.

  StephenCrossland 17:51 21 Sep 2014

Any thoughts to this SSD tweatker?

click here

I still can't feel the optimism?

Best wishes and thanks for your involvement.


  StephenCrossland 18:47 21 Sep 2014

Thank you rdave13.

Very useful links that I will look over. I have played about with the insides of too many computers not to give it a try. Belt and braces is my starting point. Having spent days reinstalling XP and sorting out all the updates onto the cheapest HDD I could find on ebay. All is great atm. I suspect the longevity of the drive. Cloning the new disk onto a SSD seems to be a direction. The the SATA HDD can be disconnected and used to restore the SSD to its earliest state or USE as the boot disk.

Thanks again.


  StephenCrossland 20:10 21 Sep 2014

Further to all this... If I were to buy a intel SSD. What procedure would you recommend.

  1. How about setting up the SDD card initially as a slave drive.
  2. Formatting the SSD drive from XP's diskmanagement and then running intel toolbox and accept its choices. Exit program
  3. Run

click here SSD into clone. 4. Shut PC down. Disconnect HDD. Restart PC.

How's that for a plan?



  StephenCrossland 20:25 21 Sep 2014

Apolgies rdave13. My thought brought back the IDE turmoil...

My question is how to align the partition written on the SSD? s.

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