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Will this cause me a problem

  registered 18:41 29 Sep 2019

I have just had the above notification pop up.It says my password will expire in 5 days and i should change it.There was a password at some point in the past but i used netplwiz and set the login as no password required.Can someone tell me why i should get this notification if no password is required to log in? Will this cause me any probs in 5 days time? I tried to open local users and groups to set the password never expire.But i get a message saying that the "snapin may not be used with this version of windows.Can someone advise me please?

  john bunyan 19:11 29 Sep 2019

Sounds like a scam. Example:


Google “password will expire in .. days” and you will see other examples. I’ve had false Apple ID requests etc

  mrgrumpy 21:28 30 Sep 2019

definitely a scam as netplwiz stops you from being asked for the password , that said you will still get the occasional pop up at bottom right asking you to put in your Microsoft account password ….. just ignore it !

  Govan1x 09:00 01 Oct 2019

[definitely a scam as netplwiz stops you from being asked for the password ]

Every time I get a windows Update I get asked for a password when the computer restarts. I use netplwiz but still get asked for password after updates.

Probably entirely different to registered's problem but thought that i would post it anyway.

  registered 19:08 01 Oct 2019

you for the replies to my query.I will leave it and see what happens...if anything.

  registered 19:10 01 Oct 2019

That should be thank you for the replies.I will leave it and see what happens ..if anything.

  registered 18:24 05 Oct 2019

Quick update on my password query.Just left it to see what would happen and nothing did.Can boot up without any password required.Thanks for the help.

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