Wifi problem

  Blubottle 08:09 08 May 2013

Hi. I have just upgraded a Dell laptop with Vista to Windows 7, befor with vista the wifi worked it picked up my network, now with Win 7 it does not list my network, it sees others around me but not mine??. Some advice please Regards

  alanrwood 09:24 08 May 2013

Is your WiFi router set to broadcast its SSID. If not it will not be seen.

  Blubottle 09:39 08 May 2013

Well yes, as I said above all worked fine until I upgraded to win7 now I cannot see my network.

  alanrwood 09:48 08 May 2013

Can the network be seen using another computer. It is just possible that your router went faulty around the same time, so eliminate the simple things first.

  difarn 10:07 08 May 2013

Go to device manager and update network adapter driver then go to

start type in cmd on the black prompt type

sfc /scannow (there is a space between the c and /) press enter

the cmd again and type


press enter

  Dell-Harish 12:40 08 May 2013

Hi Blubottle

I Would agreed with Alanrwood , Could be a problem with the router- As your PC is able to detect other Wireless networks . As advised ,check if a different PC is able to detect your network . You could also perform a power cycle on the router - Can help resolve connection issues .


Hope this was helpful.


Dell-Harish K

  Blubottle 14:14 08 May 2013

Thanks one and all for your advice, as I described above all worked ok until I upgraded to win 7, I have two other computers, the desktop pc ethernet wired that's ok and my I pad and that works ok, I use a netgear wireless router which I have re-booted by unpluging from the supply for 10 mins. Difarn. Thanks I will try your suggestion.

  Blubottle 14:56 08 May 2013

Difarm. Tried your suggestion. It reported that " access denied as you do not have sufficient privilages, you have to invoke this utility running in elevated mode"

  Dell-Harish 15:03 08 May 2013

Hi Blubottle

I assume you are using Vista / Windows 7. Click Start > Type " CMD " under Search Programs & Files > Right Click on CMD ( Under Programs )& Click run as administrator.Follow the rest of the steps as suggested by Difarm.


Dell-Harish K

  Blubottle 12:06 09 May 2013

Thanks everybody, I finally sorted it buy changing the router channel from 13 to 6 , the confusing thing was that when this laptop was running Vista it picked up the wifi network just fine but when it was changed to win 7 it would not...

  difarn 16:34 09 May 2013

Glad to hear it - would have been my next suggestion (honest). Thanks for letting us know.

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