WiFi not working in Windows 7

  newface 16:04 14 Apr 2011

My daughter bought a Compaq notebook at Christmas with Widows 7 already installed and everything worked fine. At the weekend she downloaded Service Pack 1 and Broadcom. Now she cannot access the internet via out TalkTalk Router (Thomson). If I do a system restore to prior to the download it works again until she powers off the notebook. On powering back on she cannot get back onto the internet. My PC is connecting fine to the router, as is her old laptop. Obviously we cannot continue doing system restores everytime she wants to access the internet, and I cannot understand how the problem keeps manifesting itself after everytime she boots up the notebook. Can anyone please give me some advice about how to get around the problem?

Thanks in advance.

  tullie 17:29 14 Apr 2011

Maybe connect first by cable until it finds the network,disconnect cable then switch on the wireless and hover over available connections,click on yours.

  rdave13 11:04 15 Apr 2011

I'm assuming you download a new driver for your wlan card via updates (Broadcom) and this could be the problem. Try typing device in the search box and in the list select device manager. Under network adapters right click on the wlan card and select properties. Under the driver tab see if you can roll back the driver. Close the windows. Reboot and see if it works. If ok then change your windows update settings to check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them. Copy and paste link to address bar (hyperlink not working) for info; http://tinyurl.com/28qtf8a. Now hide the update so it does not install again;

  sharpamat 08:07 19 Apr 2011

Check the HP website ( Compaq are HP ) enter all the details for your system. someone recently had a simlar problem and they found a network update they downloaded and installed ,which solved their problem

  kristain 11:03 20 May 2011

Wireless setup in Windows 7 is simple. Please go to Control Panel --- Network and Internet, click on Connect to a network. This will start the network connection list in Notification area. Let me know if your home wireless network is listed.

If not, check if wireless network card is enabled. There should be a switch on the computer which controls the wireless network card on or off.

  newface 15:46 20 May 2011

Thanks to everyone who took the time and trouble to respond to my post. The good news is that the issue is now resolved, but I still don't know how it kept coming back in the first place.

I solved the problem by removing the Windows Service Pack 2. After that we could boot the notebook up and down as many times as we wanted and the WI/FI worked everytime. I am guessing that there was something in the Service Pack that the Operating System just did not like. The only question is what was causing the problem, and am I likely to download it by accident sometime in the future.

Never mind, all's well that ends well as a great man once wrote.

Thanks again everybody.

  birdface 17:46 20 May 2011

[I solved the problem by removing the Windows Service Pack 2]

I believe you meant SP1.

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