Why is Vista hiding files from me ????

  OhFFS 10:50 23 Dec 2008

When I run AVG virus scan I ca see that it is scanning Content ie Chx..../????.jpeg etc.

However, when I search through Windows explorer, these files dont exist.

I have allowed "show hidden files", I have clicked on every folder in Users, windows, microsoft.

I am the administrator so should be able to see everything, i thought!!

I have 3 account set up, Admin and 2 others. Only 1 of the others shows any content in the Content ie folders, the Admin and user 2 are empty, but AVG says they're not as it is scanning the files.

I'm confused??

Why cant I see any JPEGs, GIFs or TIFFs in temporary internet folders and why can AVG see folders that I cant?

Any help greatly appreciated. I'm begginning to Hate Vista!!!

  brundle 11:54 23 Dec 2008

Get FreeCommander and tick Show Hidden Files and Show System Files in options. click here

  OhFFS 12:00 23 Dec 2008

Thanks Brundle, I'll try freecommander when I get home.

As I have ticked all the SHOW ... options in Vista though should I not be able to see them without FreeCommander?
Anyway, thanks for the advice I'll give it a go later and let you know how I get on.

  brundle 13:07 23 Dec 2008

There seem to be two tiers to hidden folders and files in Vista, with a selection of them made totally invisible to Windows Explorer. I can understand it from the standpoint of keeping people from casually or accidentally browsing through system folders etc, but it is a bit of a pain if you're used to being able to access everything as you can in previous version of Windows.

  OhFFS 13:44 23 Dec 2008

Thanks for that explanation Brundle, will have a go with FreeC tonight and look for the really hidden files.

Vista is a pain, what damage could I do in the Content ie files?

Have a great Xmas

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