why such a big dislike of vista

  polish 17:07 22 Jan 2008

i dont understand why there is such a big dislike of vista in my point of view vista is the best operating system microsoft has ever produced i now have a laptop and a recently built pc running vista and would not like to go back to xp i have had a couple of niggles but but nothing major as vista often provides the solution for you finding updates etc it runs quickly and smoothley and appears secure or at least as secure as possible avg and commodo firewall and spyware termintor run well with vista

  anskyber 17:13 22 Jan 2008

It would take too long to explain in detail; I agree with you it's an excellent OS.

Some gamers are not getting the speed or results they want and maybe XP has settled down into a satisfactory OS for many. There are also the usual things with a new OS, folks running it on below spec hardware, using non compatible software or, particularly, in the early days a lack of drivers for older hardware.

There is a final group who don't like change, cannot be bothered to find their way around a new OS or make understandable early errors and blame the OS rather than being honest about themselves.

  Totally-braindead 17:27 22 Jan 2008

anskyber has summed it up for me really.

I personally tried Vista last year but had a couple of problems that couldn't be fixed at the time, because of this I am not a Vista fan. Having said that if you have a fast enough PC with enough memory then you shouldn't have a problem. My PCs only a 3500+ with a gig of RAM and a 7600GS graphics card and it slowed down quite noticeably with Vista. Now admitadly my PC is not top of the line but I still would think it should have run faster than it did.
And I suppose because Microsoft had hyped it so much, particularly the WOW factor, when I actually tried it I was dissappointed. I didn't think WOW at all. I thought, is that it? I suppose its nice enough.

And a couple of friends of mine have bought Vista PCs with little memory and boy do they crawl along. Really the manufacturers shouldn't sell such low spec PCs with Vista but I suppose they cut corners to increase sales.

I am not anti vista I have to point out its just I had some problems. It was just after the initial release of Vista so perhaps they are solved now. I have seen a couple of Vista PCs that did impress me I must admit but they were pretty high spec.

  sinbads 22:41 22 Jan 2008

I agree with Totally-braindead not particulary a fan of vista and like T-B not impressedd with the wow, ;however it does have its good points, the downside is the gaming side plus the cost.And lets face it there is a new OS not too far ahead.

  sinbads 22:51 22 Jan 2008

sorry missed the link click here

  wolfie3000 22:52 22 Jan 2008

Im with the gamers on this one,

The main problem is that many games dont run on Vista like Halo,

I have both windows XP MCE and Vista but reinstalled XP after trying Vista.

Maybe when theres a good back cataloge of Vista games then i might consider changing, until then im sticking with XP.

  polish 23:03 22 Jan 2008

i dont know but are the people who are having trouble
with games using pc upto the job my pc runs games without prob my pc is a decent spec but not the best
dual core e6750 cpu 4gb ram although 32bit vista only sees 3gb 8800gt graphics card abit i38 quad gt mobo.
iam not here to brag my pc runs ok only to try and see what all the negativity is all about

  Deanium 03:22 23 Jan 2008

I have a new Vista PC, nothing amazing. I must say it runs at a perfectly fine speed, and indeed looks the part.

My main dislike of Vista however comes from its sheer lack of backward compatibility. I am a great fan of the older games (such as Worms Armageddon, and Sim City) and as of such am unable to play them on my new PC. Additionally older hardware or mine (a scanner to be precise) is unrecognised, and as of yet, i am unable to successfully install drivers for it (as there are no Vista drivers, and Vista wont let me install the XP drivers -another thread-).

Vista by far is not terrible. It runs fine, looks good. IIS7 is very good. UAC, in my opinion, is a great invention. I will not say using Vista is worse than using XP because it's not, however specific things that I would like to do and no longer can do annoy me. It's not the end of the world as I am able to run older games in a virtualPC (although at a lower framerate).

My computer came with Vista preinstalled and I have, as of yet, chosen to stick with it, despite my prior intention of downgrading to XP, which means it can't be all bad! :)


  lisa02 15:55 23 Jan 2008

My first experience of using Vista was on under-specified hardware (I didn't realise it then) and I was seriously disliking it as the computer had run XP like a dream.

When I came to choose our new computers I was going to buy with XP but whatever happened the option to choose XP over Vista disappeared on the vendor's site by the time I went to buy.

I'd been watching their prices for a while and they had some good hardware deals so I took the plunge and got Vista.

I am not disappointed at all - Vista runs fast has run everything I've installed including some £5 kids software bought years ago. Other games I'm running include Zoo Tycoon2, Black and White 2 and COD4.

PC spec:
AthlonX2 4400+
256MB 8600GT

Intel Q6600
512MB 8800GT

Both are modest systems by today's standards.

  polish 18:08 24 Jan 2008

it seems there is a variety of reasons from microsoft
maybe over hyping things to pc sellers selling pcs not upto the job just for a sale to printer manufactures etc not producing updates so people will have to buy new printers etc but did xp not have it all plain sailing when that came out

  Modo 19:25 24 Jan 2008

It is a nightmare in a business enviroment. We have a Vista laptop & PC, both very high spec. We have several XP Pro machines.

The Vista machines have full Adobe suites & Office Ultimate plus the execrable Sony Ericsson PC Suite. Both have Marvell network adapters. These programmes/hardware fight like cat & dog! Each new driver/software update gets gleefully accepted - only for a new problem to occur.

Vista effectively audits its own performance with "Problem Reports & Solutions" The PC is currently reporting 150 unresolved problems!!!!

We have seen more blue screens than even under Windows ME.

Avoid the above combination it may be OK?!

We would love to go back to XP Pro.

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