Why Should I Change

  Input Overload 07:17 28 Sep 2009

Ever since Win 95 I have run the beta of each MS OS, & upgraded to final on day 1. But this time I feel that I'm quite happy with Vista, it's stable, fast & I use Stardock Window Blinds & Icon Packager so my desk can look like any OS I want.

As I've not run the beta of 7 can anyone give me good reasons to do a full reinstall & move over to 7 in October? Thanks.

  morddwyd 07:54 28 Sep 2009

All I can say is that I have found Win 7 so much better than Vista.

I found Vista so bad that I actually removed it and installed a a retail copy of XP.

However, if you're already happy with Vista there seems little point in spending money on a new O/S just for the sake of it.

  Pine Man 10:46 28 Sep 2009

Like you I am very pleased indeed with Vista and I agree that it's very stable and fast.

I also run W7 alongside Vista and although it isn't any more stable (Vista has never let me down)it is certainly faster and a lot, lot easier to install.

I have been running Windows since 3.11 and I have tried all of the various versions to date. On the 22nd October (if Microsoft play ball) I will definitely be updating to W7 having pre-ordered my copy.

  Input Overload 12:15 28 Sep 2009

I might put 7 on :-) Thanks

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