why is my laptop boot so slow?

  Sealand1 12:08 08 Dec 2018

why is my laptop boot so slow? once booted my laptop is relatively fast but booting it is so slow it takes a long time. i only have one app in my start up menu which is steam.

  [DELETED] 12:25 08 Dec 2018

Try rebooting it instead of shutdown if you have hibernate enabled. Guessing you have Windows 10.

  wee eddie 13:20 08 Dec 2018

Just a thought. You should have your Antivirus Software on your Start-up.

Why do you have Stream there? As I understand it, when you log into Stream, your PC contacts their Server and offers your services to anyone else streaming anything that you have available. This can't be an instantaneous process, perhaps you should delay its opening till later.

  MJS WARLORD 13:34 08 Dec 2018

do you have any entries in the start up menu for software you no longer use , if you do your pc will hang for a long time as it will still be trying to hand the program , untick EVERYTHING that is no longer used.

  Sealand1 17:10 08 Dec 2018

ok thank you ill try what you have suggested

  Sealand1 17:20 08 Dec 2018

i have not tried rebooting but i don't have anything not in use i have bullguard enabled but that does not affect it as i had the problem before that. should i try disabling steam (client bootstraper) to see if it helps apart from that i only have automatic ones (adobe update startup utility, bulllguard tray, nivida update backend and synaptic touch pad)

  [DELETED] 19:29 08 Dec 2018

If you have hibernation enabled (default) in Windows 10 (still assuming your OS) then reboot your computer. Hibernation remembers a good boot as well as a slow one. It's really not difficult to reboot even though Microsoft calls it restart.

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