why is my disk space still running at 100 percent

  Sealand1 17:27 01 Nov 2018

for a while my laptop has been running at 100 percent disk space. i tried to disable window search it worked then when i restarted my pc it was back at 100 percent. so i tried to disable superfetch again it helped but i restarted it it was at a hundred for like 10 minutes the dropped to like 10 percent for a bit and is now just spiking around. this may not mater but i noticed it takes ages to boot up and is always at 100 percent when it turns on. thanks for your help. here is a screenshot thing are calm at the moment but they get bad.

1]: [click here

  KEITH 1955 17:52 01 Nov 2018

look at the graph you screen shot and as soon as it goes to 100% click on processes and the top tab labelled apps is what you have running somewhere on your pc. as you say it takes ages to boot up I suspect you have something in msconfig/start up menu that is doing the damage , look in the list of items in start up menu , do you have things you don't want to run at start up or even things you don't recognise. Also , windows sometimes leaves items in start up menu AFTER you have deleted something . When this happens your pc will hang or run slow as it is trying to find the program related to the entry. Finally take a look in add/remove you could have unknowingly installed something that is running in the background.

  Sealand1 18:30 01 Nov 2018

Thank you i will try that. i have already removed all the stuff i dont want to start up. also when i start my pc my antivirus starts even though its not on the start up list.

  Sealand1 18:36 01 Nov 2018

update- i tried your suggestion there is nothing running that could do the damage two thing that are at 4mb and thats it. also why does google chrome take up like 70 percent of my cpu

  Sealand1 18:40 01 Nov 2018

sorry another thing i should mention- my disk space is just bouncing up and down with out me running anything or changing anything im just watching it. also chrome is listed as chrome (26) what does that mean. thanks again

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:59 02 Nov 2018

chrome (26) means 26 instances of chrome tabs running this is probably whats causing the problem.

windows key - Power - Restart

and see if the chrome instances have gone

  Sealand1 17:14 02 Nov 2018

Ok thank you that cleared up chrome but my disk space is always 100 percent when Ii boot it

  KEITH 1955 17:45 02 Nov 2018

my Kaspersky av runs from start up without an entry , the only item in my start up menu is for the Realtek sound card , power on to desktop time 15 seconds.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:37 03 Nov 2018

How much RAM do you have and how much free space on your drives?

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