Why I can't see the images of the windows in my Taskbar ?

  Antonio Machado 00:00 18 Feb 2012

Hello experts !

I have been working with Windows 7 Professional a few monhts now and whenever I pose my mouse over the "E" (Internet) icon they used to appear all the windows I have open for instance "Google", "Wikipedia", "Hotmail", etc., in other words I could see the images of each one of those websites in small size.

Nevertheless since a few days ago whenever I pose my mouse over the "E" icon they appear only the texts of the websites I have open, not the small screens.

What can I do to get back to see the small screens displayed ?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions, best greetings from New York,

Antonio Machado.

  difarn 07:25 18 Feb 2012

The Aero function may well have become disabled - perhaps you decided at some point to switch to Classic View?

Try right-clicking on the desktop, select Personalize, select one of the Aero themes available.

If this doesn't do the trick, and making sure you have selected an Aero theme:-

You may have disabled the taskbar thumbnail previews option.

To enable it, Right click on computer and click properties.

Click on "Advanced System Settings" and go to "Advanced" Tab and click "Settings" under "Performance"

On the Visual Effects tab you can select "Adjust for best appearance". Click apply.

Log off and login again.

Hope this works.

  Antonio Machado 00:27 22 Feb 2012

Difarn, thank you very much my friend !

I followed your indications and that was it, now I am able to see all the tiny screens when I put my mouse on the "Internet" logo.

Responses and helps just like yours make this Forum such a great place to visit and to learn more.

Best greetings from New York,

Antonio Machado.

  Antonio Machado 00:33 22 Feb 2012


Sorry my friend, but I have another similar problem: whenever I pose my mouse on the "Microsoft Word" icon I just see the tiny screens of my open documents with the MSW icon, not with the images of the MSW documents I am working on.

I used to pose my mouse on that icon and then I saw displayed each one of the pages I had open, but not anymore, since a few weeks ago I just see the MSW icons at the center of each page.

Any suggestion, please ?

Thanks in advance, best greetings from New York,

Antonio Machado.

  difarn 08:01 22 Feb 2012

Glad you have your Aero function back.

It may be somehow that the "transparency" setting enabling thumbnails to be previewed in the taskbar has become unchecked.

Right click on your desktop Click on "Personalize" You should have "Windows Color" along the bottom Click on the words which opens up to a screen where you can choose colours Make sure the "Enable Transparency" is enabled.

Hope this does the trick.

  Antonio Machado 14:49 24 Feb 2012

Hello Difarn:

Thanks my friend but... no, I tried that and it doesn't work...

I continue looking just at the icon of "Word" on each one of the tiny screens at the buttom of my monitor.

What else should I try to see the content of every document displayed on those tiny screens ? please continue helping me...

Best greetings from New York,

Antonio Machado.

  difarn 17:47 24 Feb 2012

Sorry that the last "fix" didn't work.

When saving a Word document in 2007 and 2010, when you click on "Save As" and you name your document.... have you checked the box "save thumbnail"?

If this doesn't work try....

Open the Aero Troubleshooter and see if it can be fixed:-

Start Control Panel In the top left-hand box type in - Troubleshooter Click on "Troubleshooting" Under "Appearance and Personalization" click on "Display Aero Desktop Effects" Click on "Aero"

This will start the troubleshooter

Greetings from UK

  Antonio Machado 17:50 24 Feb 2012

Excelente Difarn ! excelente !

That was it, I got it, thanks a lot !

Best greetings from New York,

Antonio Machado.

  difarn 18:00 24 Feb 2012

Fantastic - glad to help.

Regards from UK

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