why dont some games run on 10

  MJS WARLORD 12:34 28 Apr 2018

I am puzzled by why their is so much conflicting information about what works on windows 10. I redone witcher 1 and 2 just to get saved games carried over to 3 but some players said they cant use 1 and 2 on windows 10. I myself tried to revisit all mass effect episodes only to find they wont run but others say they got them to work on 10. I planned my latest trip down memory lane to be the dragon age series but after posting on steam " do they work on windows 10" I got the same yes/no feedback. The only real way to find out if something would work would be to buy on steam and then hammer something as you only have a 2 hour window to claim a refund. How many times would they give me a refund before they say "sorry no more refunds for you.

My pc is custom built with a proper working version of windows 10 and not a free 7 to 10 upgrade.

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